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The Sexual Harassment Allegation tidal wave & the hypocrisy swimming next to it

The Sexual Harassment Allegation tidal wave & the hypocrisy swimming next to it

Over the last two months, there has been a wave of allegations of sexual misconduct starting with Hollywood studio executive & power player Harvey Weinstein(who is now being investigated for sexual assault in New York, where he has been accused of rape by actress Paz de la Huerta, & in London) and has continued almost unabated as the list of prominent public figures beyond Hollywood that are also being accused of or have admitted to sexual misconduct is starting to grow longer than Hillary Clinton's list of excuses for why she lost the 2016 Presidential election or Chris Jericho's list of wrestling holds he knows.

The list of well-known people accused of or admitted to sexual misconduct(that I can remember) included celebrity chef John Besh(who lost his steakhouse deal with Harrah's Casino in New Orleans as a result), actors Kevin Spacey(who used the allegation by actor Anthony Rapp to come out of the closet as gay, making him look worse in the process), Ben Affleck, Jeremy Piven, Dustin Hoffman, Slyvester Stallone, George Takei, Charlie Sheen(who apparently had sex with Corey Haim on the set of "Lucas"), & Ed Westwick(Gossip Girl star who is under investigation by the LAPD for rape), filmmakers Brett Ratner & James Toback, comedian Louis C.K., fashion photographer Terry Richardson, US Senator Al Franken(D-Minnesota), former President George H.W. Bush, & former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice and current US Senate candidate Roy Moore. Even musician Mariah Carey has been accused of sexual harassment.

Several prominent news media personalities & executives have lost their jobs over sexual harrassment & assault allegations in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal including NBC News political commentator Mark Halperin, Defy Media senior vice president Andy Signore, Vox editorial director Lockhart Steele, Ain't it Cool News founder Harry Knowles, The Atlantic contributing editor Leon Wiseltier, & NPR news chief Michael Oreskes.

And it wasn't just just women that were telling stories of harrassment against them. Even male actors like "Dawson's Creek" star James van der Beek & Terry Crews made statements on social media about being harrassed. Crews mentioned a time when a male studio executive grabbed Crews' crouch in front of Crews' wife at a party. Corey Feldman has begun naming people he claims assaulted him & Corey Haim as teenagers.

Roy Moore has denied all the allegations against him, even threatening to sue the Washington Post for defamation over the Post's publishing the allegations. In particular, it has since come out that one of his accusers is now herself being accused of lying about Moore by her own stepson.

But the allegations of sexual harassment & assault have become another example of the growing amount of hypocrisy that has been the biggest contributor fueling the deep political divide within America.

People on the left that were cheering over the last year when Fox News fired its founder Roger Ailes & its longtime anchor host Bill O'Reilly over allegations of sexual harassment from former female Fox News hosts inculding Megyn Kelly & Gretchen Carlson where Ailes & O'Reilly paying multi-million dollar settlements found themselves having to denounce Harvey Weinstein and they're now being forced to denounce former President Bill Clinton over the allegations against him that have hovered over Clinton since they first surfaced in the 1990s(after defending Clinton while criticizing current President Donald Trump over the Access Hollywood tape with Billy Bush last year). In fact, US Senator Kristen Gillibrand(D-New York) recently said that Bill Clinton should have resigned as President in 1998 after the scandal with Monica Lewinsky came out.

It is hypocritical for Democrats & their supporters to claim to champion women's issues, yet look the other way when Democrats like Bill Clinton & Harvey Weinstein use their positions of power to lure unsuspecting, unwilling females into sexual situations. I think this counts as irony that using their power to attempt to have sex with women who may not have been willing participants has put Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Ailes, & O'Reilly within the same group of people regardless of their political beliefs.

Going back to the allegations against Roy Moore, it is hypocritical for people to call for Moore to be expelled from the US Senate if he wins the special election to replace current US Attorney General Jeff Sessions if the allegations are proven to be true, yet not call for Al Franken to resign his seat after he admitted to groping Leeann Tweeden's breasts while she was sleeping on a flight back to the US from a USO tour overseas before his election to US Senate.

And if it is true that one of the accusers is lying and even faked Roy Moore's handwriting on her high school yearbook, then shame on her, because it damages the crediiblity of the other accusers regardless of if those accusers are telling the truth about Roy Moore.

But the biggest hypocrisy involves the whole idea of "listen and believe" that feminists like Anita Sarkessian & Zoe Quinn among others have pushed in recent years. Third wave feminists & the left have been stating that any victim of sexual assault or harassment must be believed without question. However, just like Colin Kaepernick & the other NFL players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem to protest "racial inequality", their ideals fly in the face of the US Constitution.

The US Constitution guarantees that when you are accused of a crime, you are considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and that applies to every citizen of the United States regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. And those words in the US Constitution must apply equally to all citizens of the United States or those words will mean absolutely nothing! The idea of "listen & believe" automatically presumes guilt regardless of evidence proving innocence beyond reasonable doubt. Modern day McCarthyism at its finest(even if "Tailgunner Joe" ultimately dindu nuffin).

Women's rights advocates like Sarkessian, Quinn, & Linda Sarsour and male feminists/SJWs like Steve Shives have seemingly abandoned the idea of equality to wanting women to have it both ways where women are both protected like they were in the old days and autonomous but only when it suits them. Sarkessian, Quinn, & Brianna Wu argue for equal treatment, but when the going gets tough, they go whining to the United Nations about harassment and abuse.

Society has created a problem by allowing the definitions of harassment and assault to be defined too broadly(and by conditioning people to automatically assume the worst in people). We've made it seem like women can't handle any sexual overture from men. We've allowed telling an off-color joke to weigh the same as unwanted and inappropriate physical contact, and as such, it really does a disservice to victims of sexual & physical abuse. Female comedians like Amy Schumer can make sexist jokes about men, but male comedians like Andrew "Dice" Clay get criticized and crucified if they make sexist jokes about women.

Is it equality they really want or do they want to replace a so-called "oppressive patriarchy" with an equally oppressive matriarchy? As long as the "war between the sexes" mentality continues to exist, equality between men and women will continue to be undermined by political opportunists. Respect is a two way street and if you want respect, you have show respect in kind.

We need to end this idea of guilt by association. Anita Sarkessian doesn't represent all women(or speak for all women for that matter) just as Harvey Weinstein or his behavior is not representative of all men. As Scoot posted on WWL.com on Oct. 11th, "There are many men who have never felt the need to use their position of power or their sense of male superiority to lure women into sexual situations.

There are those of us who do not define what it means to be a man by the number of sexual encounters we have had, and we also reject the notion that sex should be seen as a conquest of man. But I know those men exist.

Sadly, men like the Harvey Weinsteins of the world look down on the men who are secure with their masculinity and do not feel the need to have masculinity defined by a superficial and casual act of sex with a women who is not an equal and willing participant.

In the same way that women do not want to be defined by the women who use their P-power to get what they want
(*cough*Zoe Quinn*cough*), there are a lot of men who are powerful, masculine and intelligent who do not want to be defined by the Weinsteins of the world."

One last thing about Roy Moore, who looks worse if Moore somehow wins the US Senate election? The people of Alabama or the Democrats? This election is becoming eeriely similar to the Presidential election last year in which accusations of sexual misconduct is more important than the issues and if Moore wins, it would show that the Democrats did not learn a damn thing from last year. Main difference is that, unlike Donald Trump, Roy Moore is a Christian fundamentalist zealot who actually has no respect for the US Constitution that he would be swearing an oath of office to uphold.
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America doesn't have a gun problem, America has an instant gratification problem

Over the last month, there were a couple of major mass shootings in the United States that once again caused the nanny-state liberals & the far left to push for gun control.

On October 1st in Las Vegas, a 64 year old man ambushed people at a country music festival, killing 58 people and wounding over 500 others from his Mandalay Bay hotel room with semi-automatic weapons that were modified to make the weapons automatic. while five weeks later in Sutherland Springs, TX(about 30 miles SW of San Antonio), a 26 year old gunman killed 26 people & wounded 20 others in a church before he killed himself after he was shot himself by a bystander who chased him until he crashed his car in an attempt to get away from the scene.

The shooting in Las Vegas in particular surpassed the Pulse nightclub shooting by a Muslim terrorist in Orlando last June as the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

The calls for more gun control in the aftermath of the shootings wouldn't bother me too much if there wasn't so much hypocrisy and stupidity behind those calls.

For example, there is washed-up has-been comedian Michael Ian Black whining on Twitter calling the National Rifle Association a "terrorist organization" just because the NRA defends the 2nd Amendment. Safe to say that scumbag wasn't joking.

While I do have my issues with the NRA & its supporters falsely blaming the entertainment industry, specifically the movie & video game industries, for previous mass shootings like Sandy Hook, calling the NRA "terrorists" (and thus equating the NRA to actual terrorist groups like ISIS & Al-Queda) does absolutely nothing to advance the conversation about gun rights. It's name-calling for the sake of name-calling & lessens the meaning of the word "terrorist". No surprise there as insane far leftists have lessened the meaning of the words "racist", "sexist", "Nazi", and so on. And also, blaming the NRA for mass shootings takes the responsibility for the shootings away from the shooters. Guns are no more to blame for a mass shooting as trucks are for for the terrorist attack in New York City by a Muslim terrorist days before the Sutherland Springs church shooting.

It also points out the hypocrisy of the left. When there's a Muslim terrorist attack, they expect only thoughts & prayers, but when a white man shoots up a church, a school, or a music festival, they demand more than thoughts & prayers.

There was also the CBS executive who got herself fired for a Facebook post where she said she had "no sympathy" for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting because they were "Republican gun-toters".

Jeff Holiday made a great point recently on his YouTube Saints podcast he co-hosts with Wizard of Cause that Hollywood is too obsessed with the quick fix for complex problems(then again, both the left and the right push for solutions that are politically expedient). The point that idiots like Michael Ian Black, Christopher Titus, or Michael Moore completely miss is that taking away guns from law-abiding citizens won't solve a gun problem that America doesn't really have to begin with.

America's problem isn't with easy access to guns, fake "violent" entertainment, or even the legacy news media's 24 hour coverage of tragedies like Las Vegas or Sutherland Springs, for that matter. They are symptoms of the actual problem America has and that is with instant gratification.

Scoot made a great point in a blog he posted on WWL.com on October 10th. We as a society have become a little too conditioned to expect things to happen in an instant. We can immediately post our thoughts about anything on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Minds, etc. We can order stuff online on Amazon or eBay and get it the very next day. And such, patience is losing its status as a virtue.

Because of instant gratification, people today, even if they are normally responsible gun owners, have become more willing to use a weapon or use any other form of violence to settle any dispute they may have.

America has another problem has exacerabated the problem with instant gratification and that problem is with rage. We've become rageaholics and not in a good way like Razorfist.

Scoot made another interesting point recently saying that there is an unprecedented level of hatred in society today. People try to blame President Trump for it, but he's ultimately not the cause, he's the product of it even though he has arguably benefitted from it to an extent.

These problems with instant gratification and rage are solvable by teaching personal accountability, respect, & conflict resolution.
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The NFL Embarrasses Itself Over President Trump's Criticism of Player National Anthem Protests

The Trump Derangement Syndrome continues unabated as the National Football League became the latest to become infected by the disease when everyone involved in the league got butthurt over recent comments by President Donald Trump at a Sept. 22nd political rally in Huntsville, Alabama. President Trump took shots at the NFL and its continued allowance of players kneeling or sitting during the playing of the US National Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, to protest what they see as racial inequality and the behavior of police officers in the line of duty when it comes to black criminals, saying that the NFL team owners should fire any player that refuses to stand for the national anthem(referring to the protesting players as sons of bitches, which I can understand people complaining about the President using the term, but I think it's a trivial thing to complain about as I don't care what kind of language President Trump uses). President Trump also suggested that NFL fans should boycott NFL games if players continued to sit or kneel during the National Anthem.

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The Main Reason Colin Kaepernick is NOT on a NFL Roster

A new NFL season just started as of this writing(Sept. 8th) and the NFL is dealing with the same problems they were last season.

Just like then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started during preseason last year(which spread as other players joined in), some players like the Seattle Seahawks' Michael Bennett and several Cleveland Browns players have taken it upon themselves to refuse to stand for The Star Spangled Banner, the national anthem of the United States, as a form of protest against what they perceive as racial inequality and injustice. 

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Being Our Own Worst Enemy: The Exteme Polarized Reaction to Trump's Charlottesville Response

Being Our Own Worst Enemy: The Extremely Politicized Reaction to President Trump's Response to Charlottesville

The continued push by both the extreme far left & the extreme far right to divide the people of the United States of America into several factions came to a head on August 12th when during a protest by white nationalists in Charlottesville, VIrginia over the city's planned removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, an alleged white supremacist drove his car into a group of counter protestors, killing one woman and injuring others.

So naturally, the response became more politicized than the response to when white supremacist Dylann Roof murdered nine black people in a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina ever was. Everybody felt the need to virtue signal that they were against racism, some Southern US cities like Baltimore, Maryland pushed to do like New Orleans and took down Confederate statues in their city in the middle of the night, and a group of Communist black supremacist racists in Durham, North Carolina pulled down a Confederate statue like they were members of ISIS(a judge in Georgia was unjustly suspended for making that comparsion of the counter-protestors in Charlottesville). 

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CNN Blackmail of Reddit User Only Proves President Trump Right About Media Being Enemy of Americans

Back in February, I posted about how the argument over whether the tabloid trash corporate legacy mainstream news media has become the enemy of the American people has actually made the American people our own worst enemy by focusing more on confirming our own biases and excusing the left's childish behavior since Trump won the election in November.

However, what CNN did recently just proved President Donald Trump right when he tweeted that the news media is the enemy of the American people.

On July 2nd, President Trump tweeted a gif he found online of him attacking Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 23 in Detroit with a CNN logo covering Vince's head. The tabloid trash news media cried foul like they always seem to do when Trump does anything, defending CNN while criticizing Trump for "inciting violence" against journalists, which is a laughable claim. The gif was meant to mock CNN because of recent videos from Project Veritas that showed a CNN producer and CNN political analyst Van Jones separately admitting that the alleged collusion between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia was "bullshit" and a "nothingburger", which it actually was and still is despite Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian attorney who falsely claimed to have information on Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Two days later on July 4th(America's birthday), a CNN reporter apparently was able to find out the identity of the person that originally posted the gif on Reddit and allegedly threatened to release his identity if he didn't apologize, which the person did. But in the story, CNN said that they reserved the right to release the person's identity at a later date.

It doesn't matter how old the person in question is(some reports had him as 15 years old, CNN claims he's over 30), CNN, a news organization owned by a multinational media conglomerate, can't just threaten to ruin somebody's life just because the network was butthurt over a joke. And what makes it worse is that if CNN could do that to one person, they, MSNBC, or even Fox News can do this to anybody.

It also shows how pathetic CNN is that they have no problem spending money and putting forth an effort to go after a Reddit user for making jokes about the network, but they can't put forth that same effort when it comes to investigating the corruption in Washington outside of the allegations against the Trump administration.

This blackmail by CNN makes it even harder for the corporate news media to regain the trust of the American people. A survey late last year showed that only 6% of the American people currently trust the news media and Fox News did a survey in Februrary that showed that more people thought President Trump was more honest & trustworthy than the news media is!

I've once posted that once you lose all credibility, it's very hard to regain it. The corporate legacy news media has lost all of its credibility by focusing more on being the first to break news as opposed to being accurate, as well as being too focused on pushing a preconceived agenda as opposed to being fair to both sides of any given argument.

If the role of the news media is to report the news in a credible manner & to see through political agendas to find the truth, then they have failed in that role, and CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc. should be replaced by networks that will report news accurately without bias. However, everyone(not just the American people) has to recognize that the news media is biased because we've conditioned ourselves to hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see instead of challenging our beliefs.

At the end of the day, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc. are all for-profit commercial enterprises run by multinational media conglomerates. If we really want them to change, we have to speak out against them. Even if it means cancelling our cable and newspaper subscriptions and just getting our news online.
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Six Years After Brown v. EMA: Corporate News Media & Moral Panic Profiteers Moved On To New Targets?

June 27th, 2017 marked the sixth anniversary of the landmark Brown v. EMA decision by the US Supreme Court. For those that haven't previously read my past LiveJournal posts & for those on Minds.com, here's a quick summary of Justice Antonin Scalia's majority opinion:

-Video games are free speech under the First Amendment
-Video games can NOT be treated differently than any other form of entertainment like movies, TV, or music under the Fourteenth Amendment
-Fake "violent" content in all forms of entertainment is exempt from US obscenity laws
-People under 18 have a First Amendment right to view free speech with or without parental permission as long as the material in question is not judged to be obscene

In previous Brown v. EMA anniversary posts, I posted about:

-how the video game industry left it up to the gaming community(and leaving us high & dry in the process) in debating fake "violent" video games against the news media & the so-called parent advocacy groups (Two part post in 2013)
-how the gaming community started fighting amongst ourselves (2015)
-how the ship sailed on legislation against fake "violent" video games because of the SCOTUS decision, the entertainment industry having the video game industry's back, fake "violent" content in entertainment not being the major issue it once was, politicians having bigger issues to worry about, & the virtual impossibility of overturning a SCOTUS decision or amending the US Constitution (Two part post last year)

To be honest, I didn't think I'd have anything to write about this year. But then, a couple of stories, one that's been ongoing since February & one that came up recently, made me wonder if the focus of the both the moral panic profiteers and the corporate legacy tabloid trash mainstream news media has shifted away from the video game industry(especially since the entertainment industry has been taken over by SJW's) and towards new targets, specifically the Internet.

The recent story that drew my attention was about some group of idiots in Denver trying to put forth a ballot initative to ban the sales of smartphones to people under the age of 13. Really, Denver? Really?

To state the obvious, it's blatantly unconstitutional even if the proposed ban doesn't appear to be completely based on content, as it doesn't just violate the rights of the minors that want a smartphone, it violates the rights of the parents who think that their child is mature enough to handle a smartphone. The argument of the people pushing for the Denver smartphone ban is similar to the one rejected by the late Justice Scalia & the US Supreme Court in Brown v. EMA.

Not to mention the obvious question that is similar to the arguments against fake "violent" video games, and that is "What kid has $500 to buy an iPhone, an Android, or a Samsung Galaxy?"

The ongoing story that shows the news media and the moral panic profiteers' shift to new targets for their fake morality policing to continue playing the "Blame Game" is YouTube's recent mass demonetization of content creators.

Back in mid-Feburary, three reporters for the Wall Street Journal wrote a hit piece targeting YouTube personality Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. The reporters watched several of PewDiePie's videos, taking several jokes about Nazis completely out of context, and presented their findings to Disney & Maker Studios, PewDiePie's business partners, before publishing the story. causing both to drop business ties with him & cancel his show on YouTube Red.

I've said in the past that there is a huge difference between being genuinely offended and just looking to be offended, and it's usually the latter. While there was criticism generated against the tabloid trash reporters by PewDiePie's fellow YouTubers and his subscriber base & the reporters' plan basically failed(PewDiePie actually gained at least two million more subscribers since the WSJ article was published on Valentine's Day), the problem with moral busybodies whether their outrage is genuine or not is that if you give them a single inch, they'll want to take a mile or more.

So it should have come as no surprise that about a month later, the same reporters at the Wall Street Journal started going after companies that advertise on YouTube before videos play if those content creators allow ads to play before or during their videos, claiming that their ads appeared before racist & terrorist videos. And as a result, dozens of companies pulled their ads, basically screwing over every content creator on YouTube that isn't backed by a multi-national corporation like Time Warner, Comcast, or Disney.

And the news media wonders why they've been losing the public's trust for so long.

While the advertisers have returned to an extent, the content creators have only gotten half as much ad revenue as they were getting before, at best. And it doesn't help when YouTube is demonetizing videos for any vague reason that they deem not friendly for advertising. Like for example, criticizing Islam & talking about current events like terrorist attacks.

The content creators that aren't backed by multi-national corporate entities have had to rely on their fans donating money through Patreon, GoFundMe, or through YouTube's Superchat format as well as posting videos on other video sites like Vid.me, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch, or Minds to make up the difference.

It appears that YouTube has joined the long list of entertainment mediums that have been attacked by self-appointed "moral guardians" attempting to shove their beliefs down the public's throat. The same "moral guardians" that whined in the past about fake "violent" video games, WWE, rap music, heavy metal music, television, movies, books, William Shakesphere's plays, and so on.

And YouTube has been getting hit in recent months. There was controversy in late April/early May over a YouTuber named DaddyOFive who posted videos of him and his current wife playing pranks on their children, especially on his youngest son, that some felt were child abuse, including a video where his stepson destroyed the kid's tablet and he ended up shoving the child face first into a bookshelf, causing a nosebleed. He ended up privatizing all his videos except for an apology video he made when the story was featured on ABC's Good Morning America. And he also lost custody of his two youngest children to their mother.

Then there is this very recent news of a 21 year old YouTuber who convinced his 19 year old pregnant girlfriend to shoot him with a .50 caliber gun while he held a book to stop the bullet for a prank video. Unless that book was the size of War & Peace or an encyclopedia, a book wasn't going to stop a bullet like that, and it didn't. He died, and now his girlfriend is being charged with 2nd degree manslaughter & reckless discharge of a firearm.

There may be some people trying to blame YouTube for that guy's death, and while YouTube may have some culpability for that particular stunt because of the demonetization caused by the Wall Street Journal(and the Wall Street Journal should get some blame themselves), it seems like they would have tried to do the video anyway to get more views. That guy somehow thought it was a good idea to risk his life for a stupid video and now he's dead because of his own stupidity.

It goes back to personal accountability. The only person ultimately responsible for your actions is you. It doesn't matter what you watch on TV, what you listen to on radio, what books you read, or what video games you play, you still make the conscious choice to commit an action.

But why have the news media & the self-appointed moral guardians shifted its focus from video games to the internet within the last year? The simple reason is that the internet has become a much bigger threat to both the news media & their corporate masters than video games ever were. Fewer people are watching TV shows on the television itself, more people are canceling their cable TV services and getting just internet service(because in some cases, internet access has become cheaper than even the basic cable bundle), more streaming video websites like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, & Hulu are offering original content in addition to the shows on broadcast & cable TV, & the television audience is getting older while younger people are tuning out and going to the internet.

Even the National Football League's ratings for regular season games were down for the most part last year, even factoring in that it was a Presidential election year and the NFL's ratings usually dip until after election day during those years. LiveJournal user Freezer made a great point about the NFL's ratings dip in October, explaining that the NFL has its own issues to take into account regarding their TV ratings with a diminished quality of play, rules changes that put bigger emphasis on the passing game(even if you have a Hall of Fame QB, if you don't have an average at best defense or an offensive line to protect said QB, you're always going to struggle to make the playoffs), the Thursday night games being unwatchable mainly due to teams only having two days to prepare, and the league's promotion of the Sunday Ticket package exclusive to DirecTV for $100 to $200 a year(it allows you to watch every game instead of just the games in your area) & the Red Zone channel available everywhere for $5 a month extra for a sports package(Red Zone is Sunday Ticket on one channel, but it switches games whenever a team is in a position to score a touchdown).

To paraphrase Freezer, just like the NFL, Disney, Comcast, Time Warner, CBS, Viacom, News Corp, & Discovery want to still scream "The Sky Is Falling" even as they're raking in all that money from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, & Google.

It also doesn't help that the politicians outside the US, specifically & especially in Europe, are pushing for laws to restrict people's access to the Internet because they don't like that people can speak their minds freely, the one thing they fear the most about America.

Keep fighting the good fight. Just because video games aren't under attack now doesn't mean they won't be in the future. But it's become bigger than just video games.

Also cross-posted to my Minds.com account: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/728617934926127104
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Becoming our own worst enemy: Will shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise lead bridging of political divide?

On June 14th, another shooting made national headlines, this time in Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC. However, unlike other shootings, even though nobody died other than the shooter, one of the victims was relatively well known as the shooter, a 66 year old Bernie Sanders supporter who hated President Donald Trump, targeted Republican legislators as they were practicing for a charity baseball game the next night at Nationals Park against the Democrats.

Rep. Steve Scalise(R-Louisiana*) was wounded along with several other lobbyists & Capitol Police officers. It was said that if Scalise wasn't there or didn't have a 24 hour security detail from being Majority Whip in the House of Representatives(the 3rd biggest job in the House behind the Speaker and the Majority Leader) with him, the shooting would have been a lot worse with many more victims. (As of this writing on June 17th, Scalise was still in critical condition, though his condition was improving to the point where he is awake, after taking a bullet to the hip, damaging internal organs in the process.)

Yet, the shooting brought Republicans & Democrats together, as it could have been the Democrats targeted if Hillary Clinton had won in November instead of Trump. The politicians' talk of unity is growing as the political violence that has become increasingly prevalent in the last year because of the political divide hit very close to home.

The talk of unity should also extend to the American people and the American news media. I've mentioned in the past on how we as Americans have become our own worst enemy. We've become our own worst enemy through our own confirmation bias, our reliance on a news media that seems more beholden to the interests of their multi-national corporate parent companies than the general public's, as well as our tendency to promote hysteria on any given issue.

As I previously pointed out as well, we've lost the spirit of the First Amendment when we have been made to be afraid to speak out against things we disagree with, especially on social media. (It doesn't help when the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, & even YouTube, which are based and operated in the United States, are actively working with foreign governments like England & Germany to suppress people's criticism of certain topics such as the refugee crisis in Europe.) Again, being free to speak openly about any topic at any time without the fear of persecution or even prosecution allows society to stay civilized and functional.

This is probably the biggest reason we've become our own worst enemy. Because of this attitude, we have lost our civility & have become way too willing to be confrontational with our beliefs to the point of becoming violent towards those who dare to have an opposing viewpoint.

While I firmly believe in personal accountability and that the only person responsible for the shooting in Alexandria, VA on June 14th is the 66 year old Bernie Sanders supporter, I feel like the left-leaning news media, certain SJW's, & even some people in Hollywood must also bear some responsibility for James Hodgkinson's actions.

When reports came out after the Presidential election about people being attacked in the streets and in schools just for supporting Donald Trump's campaign, the left had both a legal & a moral obligation to denounce this behavior as wrong and nip it in the bud. However, not only did the left seemingly support this behavior, they outright encouraged it in some aspects. Here's some more examples:

-in January, CNN pundit Symone Sanders(a former press secretary for Bernie Sanders, no relation to him) defended the behavior of the four black people in Chicago who kidnapped and tortured a white special needs person simply because they hated Donald Trump. Sanders, who is black, two months earlier also mocked the report of a white girl being attacked by a black girl at school for supporting Trump when another panelist called her out for not condemning the violence.

-at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January, during his acceptance speech, the creator of the Netflix show Stranger Things made reference to "punching bullies in the face" to a standing ovation.

-on Inauguration Day, white nationalist Richard Spencer was sucker punched in the face without provocation while being interviewed. The SJW response to the act was of glorification and justification because white nationalism was conflated with Nazism.

-in early February in Berkeley, CA, Milo Yiannopolous had his planned speech at the University of California-Berkeley canceled because of student protests that turned into full-scale riots led by scumbag far-left groups called By Any Means Necessary and Antifa, which included attacks on perceived Trump supporters. Due to fear of rioting, Ann Coulter had her planned speech in late April canceled as well.

-on the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher, comedian Jim Jeffries told Piers Morgan to "fuck off" when Morgan was defending Trump from the false comparisons to Adolf Hitler that the far left ideologues have been pushing since Trump announced his Presidential candidacy in June 2015.

-in April, a free speech rally in Berkeley, CA run by Trump supporters turned into a fight with BAMN & Antifa when the far-left groups were allowed to jump barricades. The Trump supporters fought back and ran the Antifa scumbags off despite getting no help from the Berkeley Police Department, who were allegedly ordered to stand down by the scumbag mayor of Berkeley, an alleged supporter of those far-left groups.

Because the left, fueled by their irrational hatred of President Donald Trump, chose to encourage negative behavior at every opportunity, they essentially set the stage for what happened in Alexandria, VA. Steve Scalise's blood is on their hands.

Bridging the divide and keeping the bridge from being burnt down will take time. We can start building that bridge by denouncing violent behavior and groups that support violence against people that have opposing viewpoints and also by encouraging an open dialogue that challenges our views without fear of myopic labels("racist", "sexist", "homophobic", "Islamophobic", etc.) that are nothing more than cheap shots meant as a silencing tactic. Finally, cut the cord. Call Comcast, Cox, Charter, DirecTV, etc. and cancel your cable & satellite service. Just get internet service. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. are owned by multi-national media conglomerates and will maintain their biases until it affects their bottom line.

*- The district Scalise(who's from Metairie) represents covers the southern halves of Terrebonne & Lafourche Parish.

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Kathy Griffin Can Shut the Fuck Up

Between the Wall Street Journal's libelious hitpieces on PewDiePie & later YouTube and Stephen Colbert's joke about President Donald Trump performing oral sex on Russian President Vladimir Putin on his late night talk show, both sides of the political spectrum have complained recently that comedy is going too far.

There is a difference between being satirical & just being mean-spirited. PewDiePie's jokes about Nazi Germany that were taken completely out of context by three yellow journalists looking to make a name for themselves was satire. Stephen Colbert telling a series of jokes about President Trump culminating with Colbert saying that Trump's mouth was Putin's "cock holster" because Trump abruptly cut off an interview with the host of CBS' Face the Nation(a friend of Colbert's) was mean-spirited.

In the last week, however, one comedian took things so far, it made both sides call her out for her mean-spiritedness.

So Kathy Griffin decided to pose for a photo with her holding a bloody knife in one hand and what appeared to be the severed head of President Trump in the other.

The backlash against her not just from President Trump's supporters & conservatives but also from liberals including Chelsea Clinton(the daughter of former President Bill Clinton & failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who I'm certain Griffin supported for President in the last election along with 95% of Hollywood) was so intense, not only did she have to apologize within hours of posting the photos on Twitter, she also lost several stand-up comedy gigs, an endorsement deal with some company called Squatty Potty(I had never heard of it, but my brother pointed out to me that the product was on Shark Tank), and her job co-hosting CNN's New Year's Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper(who also disavowed her & her actions). And the Secret Service is said to be investigating her.

However, during a press conference on Friday, Kathy Griffin lost any & all credibility & respect she had left, as well as any goodwill she might have gained through the contrite apology she gave after the initial backlash to the photo by appearing unapologetic despite offering a second apology and even trying to blame President Trump & his family for HER behavior towards him.

Griffin gave a lame excuse for the photoshoot, claiming that it was in response to Trump's comments about then-Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly(who has since moved to NBC) having "blood coming out of her ears & wherever" in regard to Kelly being moderator of the first debate amongst the Republican Party's Presidential candidates that Fox News hosted & aired in July 2015.

So Griffin waited almost two years to respond to some throwaway line that the tabloid trash mainstream news media used as one of many soundbites during the election to make Trump look worse than Hillary Clinton? And then decides the logical response is to make herself look exactly like an ISIS terrorist?

And then as if it wasn't bad enough, she turns around and tries to falsely accuse the Trump family of "trying to ruin her career" because President Trump himself called her sick, his current wife First Lady Melania Trump questioned Griffin's mental health, and his older sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump also criticized her behavior. Griffin also complained of receiving death threats herself and even falsely accused the Trumps of orchestrating it.

To quote Ron White, Kathy Griffin, the next time you have a thought, let it go. And to paraphrase Chris Jericho, Kathy Griffin, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!

You're the one who chose to have photos taken of you holding up what appeared to be the severed head of the President of the United States of America.

You're the one who chose to post those photos on the internet thinking you were going to get a positive response. Well, other than from the Hollywood scumbags who already don't like Trump.

You damn well knew those photos would cause controversy and get you in hot water, because you told the photographer "We may have to move to Mexico" and "We may end up in prison", because those photos could be perceived as a death threat against the President of the United States of America!


If Kathy Griffin somehow thinks that something that could be and was seen by some people as a death threat to the President of the United States of America was supposed to be seen as a joke, then Melania Trump is right to question her mental health & President Trump is right to call her sick.

President Trump & his family didn't ruin your career, Kathy Griffin. You ruined your career the second you clicked the Tweet button and you fucking know it. Then you burned down what was left of the bridge between you and the American people by falsely blaming Donald Trump for something you did. President Donald Trump didn't screw Kathy Griffin. Kathy Griffin SCREWED Kathy Griffin. You reap what you sow.
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Thoughts on New Orleans' removal of Confederate Civil War monuments

Recently, the city of New Orleans started removing four Civil War monuments roughly two years after the New Orleans City Council voted 6-1 to remove the monuments as "public nuisances" and several attempts in the court system failed to overturn the decision. Within the last month, the Liberty Place monument and the statue of Jefferson Davis were removed and placed in a storage facility with the statues of PGT Beauregard & Robert E. Lee still left to eventually come down.

However, was there really any good reason to take down the monuments beyond New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu wanting to make a national name for himself as a recent report of a 2020 Presidential bid suggests?

The NFL, the NBA, and the NCAA apparently had no qualms with those monuments when New Orleans was hosting Super Bowls, NBA All-Star Games, Final Fours, & BCS National Championship Games on a semi-regular basis. In fact, the NBA handed New Orleans this past season's All-Star Game after pulling the game from Charlotte because of the North Carolina bathroom bill. And WWE is holding WrestleMania at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in April 2018 for the second time in five years.

So, why are those statues a problem now if those major sports leagues seemingly didn't have one to begin with? It started with the racially motivated mass shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, SC in which nine black people were murdered by a white supremacist. After the South Carolina state legislature voted to permanently remove the Confederate battle flag from the state Capitol's grounds in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, it seems to me like Mitch Landrieu saw an opportunity to one-up then-South Carolina governor Nikki Haley(a Republican who has since resigned after being appointed by President Donald Trump as US Ambassador to the United Nations). Landrieu, who is a Democrat from a very prominent political dynasty in New Orleans, apparently saw a way to break out of the shadows of his father Moon Landrieu(a former mayor of New Orleans) and his sister Mary Landrieu(a former three term US Senator who lost her re-election bid in 2014 to then-US Rep. Bill Cassidy in a runoff).

So it can be argued that the push to remove the Confederate Civil War monuments was not a grassroots effort by the people of New Orleans, but came from the whims of a power hungry term-limited DemoCuck mayor looking for greener pastures. To paraphrase the late Justice Antonin Scalia in the majority opinion he wrote in Brown v. EMA, it's like Mayor Landrieu's goal in removing the statues was what he thinks the people ought to want as opposed to letting the people decide for themselves.

And knowing of the widespread corruption within politics whether it's in Louisiana, New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC, or even Berkeley, CA, even though we live in a representative republic, were the members of the New Orleans City Council that voted for removing the monuments really representing the people of New Orleans or were they acting on their own self interests?

When you give self-appointed moral guardians such as the Parents Television Council & the Wall Street Journal(see the WSJ's recent attacks on PewDiePie & YouTube) an inch, they're going to want a mile or more in return. And the racist black supremacist groups supporting the removal of the statues want that mile as they want the statues of President Andrew Jackson & Bienville taken down as well as wanting Tulane University & Touro Hospital to change their names.

And as such, the Louisiana state legislature is looking at bills to keep other monuments from being taken down to draw a line somewhere. The decision to take down the monuments is increasingly unpopular within Louisiana & outside New Orleans as a recent survey by LSU showed that over 70% wanted the statues to remain.

Regardless of the reasons why the statues were even put up in the first place(I tend to think it was as an act of defiance stemming from the Southern states being treated like conquered territories after the Civil War by the Radical Republicans in the US Congress going against the plans of President Abraham Lincoln after he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth*), removing them will not change history and also won't change what's in the hearts & minds of individuals.

And if the monuments really are nothing more than "consolation prizes", then there's no point in people celebrating the removal of the statues. Geaux to hell, Mitch Landrieu.

*-which in itself begs the question, if the South was treated better than they were after the Civil War, would those statues even had been built in the first place or would there even be as much pride in the Confederate battle flag as there has been? Also, on that same thread, if Germany had been treated better than they were after World War I, would Adolf Hitler have risen to power as quickly as he did?