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The Continued Death Spiral of Personal Accountability

The Continued Decline and Imminent Death of Personal Accountability

It's been, what, five, almost six months since I last posted a meaningful blog. I could have talked about the Patreon Purge and Patreon's unfair banning of Sargon of Akkad over a livestream on someone else's YouTube channel almost a year before, then far left scumbags like Tim Squirrel trying, and ultimately failing, to de-platform SubscribeStar after Sargon and a host of other YouTubers like Tim Pool, Matt Christensen, and Vee went to the Patreon competitor in protest of Patreon's unjust decision. But it would just have been a re-hash of my blogs about Silicon Valley's banning of Alex Jones everywhere under false pretenses last summer and the attempted de-platforming of Gab after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting last Halloween, which ultimately also failed to an extent since Gab has since introduced Dissenter, which allows people to post comments on any website regardless of if that website has a comments section. Taking back the Wild West Internet, and the Internet in general, one step at a time.

A Youtuber named YouTuber Law is in the process of filing, or has filed, a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission over the Patreon Purge as it relates to SubscribeStar because the timing of Paypal and Stripe pulling their support from SubscribeStar within days of Patreon banning Sargon, then Sargon joining SubscribeStar and regaining all the pledges he lost on Patreon, was suspicious. I agree that it definitely was not mere coincidence, especially considering that Patreon's head of their 'Trust & Safety council' Jacqueline Hart also happened to work for PayPal for years prior to being hired by Patreon. I still think that the Securities and Exchange Commission should be petitioned to investigate Patreon, PayPal, Stripe, MasterCard, and Chase Bank as well. There has to be something illegal going on in Silicon Valley, the credit card companies, and now the banking industry as well, with people losing their livelihoods, let alone their ability to conduct basic business or even paying their bills, over their political beliefs. I highly doubt that the waterworks or the electric companies are taking cryptocurrency any time soon.

Thankfully, the actions of Silicon Valley may not be going unnoticed by our elected officials. Very recently, Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry(who's passing on a run for Louisiana governor this year in favor of a re-election bid to stay attorney general) announced plans with other state attorneys general to break up the tech firms like Facebook and Google. Every little thing that ultimately leads to an Internet bill of rights(which I posted last October as a shameless plug) will help.

However, time to get on track. A pair of recent stories last week continue the trend of how the idea of personal accountability, the premise that you are the ONLY person ultimately responsible for your own actions, is slowly dying as simpletons continue to play the 'Blame Game'.

On March 14th, the Connecticut state Supreme Court reinstated a frivolous lawsuit that the families of the victims of the December 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, CT filed against gun manufacturer Remington in an asinine and morally reprehensible 4-3 decision. This despite a federal law that is supposed to shield the gunmakers from these type of bullshit lawsuits, but the scumbag lawyer representing the Sandy Hook scumbags argued that the "marketing" of the guns somehow exempted their lawsuit and four idiots chose feelings over facts.

The biggest question I have with this idiotic decision is the premise of the marketing of any gun. It's a very flimsy argument based on trying to make the firearm industry look like the tobacco industry, only without evidence of wrongdoing that was readily apparent against the tobacco industry.

The marketing? Outside of a hunting or outdoors program on sports channels, which would be considered a niche audience, where do you see any advertisements for any brand of firearms? Certainly not on any mainstream television show on CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, or the CW, let alone on FX, USA, TNT, TBS, "Comedy" Central, or AMC. Hell, even before Columbine, I don't remember ever seeing an ad for a Winchester or a Smith & Wesson or a Glock during an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, The Simpsons, Married...with Children, or even Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Also, I seem to recall that the guns Adam Lanza used to murder his mother and the group of 20 kids in the school weren't even his, but his mother's. Or did his mom give him the guns as a gift?

Then again, the scumbag lawyer also tried to falsely blame the video game industry for the shooting, yet he didn't try to sue Microsoft, Sony, Activision, or Take-Two Interactive. I wonder if the fact that the industry has beaten every one of those bullshit lawsuits, including after Columbine, had something to do with that. But he also never had an argument here, either. Every game I've played whether it was Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Saints Row, Borderlands, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, BioShock, or Halo, didn't exactly have the real guns in those games.

Also, Lanza was, what, 23 when he committed the massacre in December 2012 and his favorite game wasn't the Call of Dutys or the GTAs, but instead, Dance Dance Revolution, a non-violent dancing game, according to the investigation into the shooting.

Bottom line, the Connecticut Supreme Court made the wrong decision, and Remington should appeal to the federal courts to get it overturned. And I think SCOTUS would overturn and make the lawsuit disappear. They should also make the Sandy Hook families pay Remington for wasting their time and money and the court system's time and taxpayer money.

Face the facts, the only person responsible for the Sandy Hook shooting is Adam Lanza. No one else is. Nothing else is. It didn't matter what video games he played. He still chose to do what he did.

Also, it's disgusting that the Sandy Hook families are suing Alex Jones over the conspiracy theory that the school shooting was staged when they ostensibly believe the conspiracy theory that fake "violent" video games somehow "caused" that shooting. The Sandy Hook families are sub-human trash who have chosen a path that guarantees that those scumbags will never get closure for that tragic day in December 2012.

The other story that shows the imminent death of personal accountability happened a day later when an Australian man murdered 50 people in a mass shooting at two separate mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

And once again, not long after the news of the shooting broke, everything and everyone that could be scapegoated became a scapegoat, whether it was tangible objects like guns(New Zealand's GynoNazi prime minister Jacinda Arden's response was to call for a ban of 'military-style' semi-automatic weapons) and fake "violent" video games(the morons at Australia's version of the Daily Mail made that false claim) or people like President Donald Trump(because the shooter was a white guy and people still haven't gotten over his correct response to Charlottesville). But two new players were bizarrely scapegoated for asinine reasons.

The first new scapegoat is Felix Kjellberg, best known as Pewdiepie, because the shooter as he was committing the shooting and filming it live on Facebook yelled out "Subscribe to Pewdiepie", which has become a meme over the last few months.

The "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" meme started as the YouTube channel T-Series, which is maintained by a multimedia Bollywood company in India, started getting closer and closer to surpassing Pewdiepie as the most subscribed to channel on YouTube. (Note: I as well as my brother have done our part and subscribed to Pewdiepie.) Both Pewdiepie and the guy running the T-Series company seemingly see the meme as the joke it is. The last I had checked as of this writing, Pewdiepie had about a 8,000 subscriber lead over T-Series with both closing on 89 million subscribers apiece(which doesn't take into account whether there are a few people subscribed to both channels). Keep in mind that when the Wall Street Journal published that hitpiece against him two years ago, Pewdiepie had around 53 million subscribers on YouTube. So between the Wall Street Journal's scumfuckery and the meme battle with T-Series, Pewdiepie has gained at least 35 million more subscribers in the last two years. Pewdiepie on YouTube alone has as many subscribers as some of the biggest cable television channels.

But after the shooting in New Zealand, Twitter started suspending accounts just for tweeting "Subscribe to Pewdiepie". Really? As if Twitter hasn't already become a censorious cesspool because people don't want to use the block or mute buttons.

The other new scapegoat is a rather weird one, as Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was told to her face by a psychotic NYU student that the New Zealand shooting was somehow her fault because she dared to criticize the behavior of US Rep. Ilhan Omar(D-Minnesota). Omar, a first term representative, is a black Muslim who immigrated to the US from Somalia and has gotten into serious trouble on at least two separate occasions over the last two months because of several anti-Semitic comments she's made in public and on Twitter. The radical far left try to justify Omar's anti-Semitism by claiming that she's criticizing Israel, but technically, criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic since the nation is mostly Jewish.

In fact, the Democrats recently got a resolution in the House of Representatives condemning anti-Semitism changed to include other forms of prejudicial discrimination just to protect that racist bitch. There's a double standard when people like Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, and Louis Farrakhan can say the same things David Duke has probably said about Jewish people, yet Omar, Sarsour, and Farrakhan get a free pass from the limpdicked left because of THEIR skin color.

As I said when Alex Jones was banned by Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify and everywhere else on the mainstream internet under false pretenses, criticizing behavior is NOT "hate speech". Otherwise, criticizing the behavior of a police officer is "hate speech" because Louisiana added police officers as a protected class under hate crime law.

Also, how much further are we as a society going to be willing to blame everything and everybody other than the individual for their individual actions? I mean, I didn't see calls for live plays to be banned after President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in Ford Theatre.

We didn't see Teresa Earnhardt suing NASCAR, Daytona International Speedway, Chevrolet, or even Sterling Marlin for her husband Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s fatal crash at the 2001 Daytona 500.

We didn't see Dan Wheldon's family suing Indycar, Honda(or was he driving a Chevy?), or Las Vegas Motor Speedway for his fatal crash in an Indycar race there in 2011.

Hell, we've yet to see Heather Heyer's family sue the makers of the Dodge Challenger for her death at Charlottesville almost two years ago. Gee, I wonder why?

See the point I'm making? We're not blaming a car for the individual actions of the driver whether it be accidental or on purpose. So if that's the case, why is it a gun's fault or a fake "violent" video game's fault? The people that have that insanely liberal interpretation of cause and effect must believe that the pencil is to blame for them misspelling a word.

Face the facts, the only person responsible for the New Zealand shooting was the individual shooter. It doesn't matter what his motive was because as Jamie Kennedy's character in Scream put it, motives are incidental. And it doesn't matter what movies he watched, what music he listened to, what books he read, or what video games he played. And it doesn't even matter what videos he watched on YouTube. No one and nothing else is responsible for that man's behavior but him. Always remember that famous quote by Andrew Ryan, "What separates a man from a slave?....A man CHOOSES, a slave OBEYS."

If you don't like me, bite me.
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