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Don't Fear The Reaper For He Is Only Collecting What The Radical Left Has Been Sowing

Another week, another instance of how the current political rhetoric is escalating into potential violence. This past week, a series of packages containing what appeared to be pipe bombs were sent through the mail to the offices of almost a dozen prominent Democrats or far left Democratic supporters including Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, Rep. Maxine Waters, Sen. Cory Booker, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA director John Brennan, former director of national intelligence James Clapper, actor Robert De Niro, and George Soros. And more may still be in the mail even though the man who mailed the packages has been arrested.

Yeah, it's quite a collection of demented far left scumbags, and the equally demented van person who sent the packages was caught near Miami, Florida. And yeah, the members of the tabloid trash corporate legacy news media are masturbating furiously as this generation's version of the Unabomber appears to be a strong supporter of President Donald Trump since they and their Democrat overlords can falsely blame Trump and the Republican Party for the bomb scare(and for the recent shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday) even though the suspected Demobomber's motive is still unknown as of this writing. It is also unknown if this guy has any accomplices.

But President Trump is not and never was to blame for this incident or any of the political violence that has cropped up in the last two years since he won the Presidency. The would-be Demobomber is the only one responsible for his actions and it does not matter what his political ideology is or what politicians he supports, just as it never matters what movies, TV shows, or video games someone watches or plays. You still choose how you act in society. Trump has always been a product and not the cause of the worsening political tribalism in the United States and abroad over the last five years or so. However, that hasn't stopped certain people from blaming Trump, the GOP, and other right-wing groups and people for it.

While it's possible that the Democrats may get sympathy votes in the upcoming midterm elections, it's hard to have sympathy for bullies. Since even before President Trump took office, the Democrats have been shifting further and further to the left and have justified and even outright encouraged the violent behavior exhibited by the radical left over the last two years starting with Richard Spencer being suckerpunched on Inauguration Day 2017. While it looks like every person that received these bombs in the mail were all highly critical of President Trump, his behavior, and his policies to say the least, some of these same people have participated in the very rhetoric they criticize President Trump for fostering. For example:

-Joe Biden and Robert De Niro have each expressed wanting to physically assault President Trump. At the Tony Awards earlier this summer, De Niro even announced on stage "Fuck Donald Trump". De Niro also did a deranged interview on the equally deranged Alec Baldwin's new show on ABC a couple of weeks ago.

-Racist bitch Maxine Waters has not only called for Trump's impeachment for no real legitimate reason whatsoever, she has specifically called for the targeted harassment of every official within the Trump administration after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was refused service at a restaurant in Virginia this summer.

-Hillary Clinton, still angry and bitter over losing to Trump in 2016 when she wanted him as the Republican candidate because her campaign thought it would be an easy win(see the Podesta e-mails on Wikileaks), has also called for the targeted harassment of Republicans in a recent interview with CNN's Christine Amanapour saying that the Republicans didn't deserve civility even though the Democrats and the left have been the uncivil ones the last two years.

-Eric Holder did virtually the same thing the same week of Hillary's CNN interview by telling a crowd at a campaign headquarters, "When they go low, we kick them", in reference to former First Lady Michelle Obama's speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention where she said "When they go low, we go high". It should be pointed out that Mrs. Obama denounced both Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder's comments in an interview with NBC's Today show later that week.

-While John Brennan and James Clapper have both called for Trump's removal from office, the packages that were addressed to them were sent to CNN's headquarters in New York City, which Clapper currently is a correspondent for and Brennan used to work for(Brennan's now with MSNBC). CNN and several of its anchors and pundits including Chris Cuomo(the brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo), racist Don Lemon, and racist bitch Symone Sanders have defended the violent behavior of the radical left over the last two years with Cuomo even defending Antifa. Lemon and other black guests on his show even made racist statements about Kanye West on the network over West's enthusiastic support of President Trump. CNN has also behaved in a manner that only proves President Trump right when he calls the news media "the enemy of the American people". And it hasn't helped CNN's TV ratings at all as they've tanked in the last two years. Even CNN founder Ted Turner has said he doesn't like the direction they've gone in. Makes one wonder if Turner regrets selling Turner Broadcasting to Time Warner and later merging with AOL.

-Billionaire George Soros, who's not even American, has donated millions of dollars to far left ideolouges and far left groups that have engaged in harassment and assault of Republicans and other right wing groups and parties here in the US and abroad, as well as funding the groups like Right Wing Watch that trying to censor the internet.

Yet it's somehow President Trump's words to blame for political violence today? Actions have always spoken louder than words ever could. As I said last year, the radical left has chosen to engage in and encourage violent behavior because of their irrational hatred of President Donald Trump. I also said last year on Twitter that when you make it OK to suckerpunch Richard Spencer for his beliefs, you make it equally OK to suckerpunch Anita Sarkessian for her beliefs. The radical left's problem is that while they see everybody that even slightly disagrees with them as "Nazis", by acting like the very Nazis they claim to be against, the radical left are being seen as the Nazis. When you spend the last two years defending Antifa and justifying violence against people just because you don't agree with their political beliefs, you have no room to complain when a radical on the other side decides to start playing by your rules. You reap what you sow.

After Rep. Steve Scalise(R-Louisiana) was shot by James Henderickson, a 66 year old Bernie Sanders supporter, last June at a softball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, it was hoped that it would be the turning point against the political tribalism and bridge the political divide. However, it's very difficult when one side, the radical left in particular, acts like a religious cult and refuses to engage in civil discussion of the issues. It doesn't help when far left elected officials like the mayors of Berekley, California and Portland, Oregon gives support to the radical leftist groups like Antifa. And the insanity over Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the US Supreme Court showed the world the dark heart of the radical left and the Democrats, as Sargon of Akkad put it. It showed the world that the radical left and their enablers no longer respect everything the United States and Western Civilization as a whole stands for.

The only way the current trend of political tribalism will end is when moderate Democrats finally find the testicular fortitude to start denouncing Antifa and the radical left. It is not on President Trump to tone down his rhetoric when the radical left refuses to tone down theirs.
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