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Nike's Embrace Of Colin Kaepernick Another Example of "Get Woke, Go Broke"

Nike's Embrace Of Colin Kaepernick Another Example of "Get Woke, Go Broke"

The spectre of the NFL's Anthemgate continues to rear his ugly face when Nike announced a new advertising campaign to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their original "Just Do It" campaign with scumbag Colin Kaepernick as the main face of the campaign. While the campaign also features Serena Williams & LeBron James(another brain-dead idiot ideologue), the inclusion of Kaepernick drew the most ire.

Just as many NFL fans burned their team gear last year after the NFL players protested the National Anthem(the form of protest Kaepernick started the year before for bullshit reasons) in response to President Donald Trump calling the protesting players SOB's at a campaign rally in Alabama(which in turn destroyed what little credibilty those initial protests had to begin with), people started burning their Nike products in protest of the company's promotion of Kaepernick, who is and always will be perceived as anti-American regardless of his reasons for protesting the way he did. Perception is reality regardless of what the actual truth of the matter is.

Nike's ad with Kaepernick included the tagline "Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything", which is highly laughable when applied to Kaepernick. What exactly has Colin Kaepernick sacrificed? His football career? That was more seppaku than sacrifice. He could have signed with Seattle or Baltimore last season to be a backup to Super Bowl champion quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Joe Flacco, but for whatever reason, he chose not to. Instead, he wants to claim that all 32 NFL teams are colluding against him to cover for the cold, hard fact that he was never that good of a QB to begin with. And the ad and the tagline has become an internet meme. Even Donald Trump Jr. made fun of it by replacing Kaepernick with his father President Trump.

And Nike had the nerve to defend Kaepernick, calling the scumbag "an inspirational figure". What a laugh. What exactly has Colin Kaepernick inspired? The furthering of the political divide, for one thing. Also, NFL fans turning away from the league in droves because of Roger Goodell not having the balls to suspend Kaepernick or any other player that refuses to stand for the national anthem. If anything, Kaepernick is more of a negative inspiration than a positive one.

Not long after the Nike clusterfuck, Levi Strauss, the maker of Levi's jeans, announced that they were going to start working with the gun control Nazis, which immediately drew the ire of supporters of the Second Amendment.

NIke's new advertising campaign and the negative response to it is another example of what YouTuber The Quartering, joined by Sargon of Akkad, Louis Le Vau, and Razorfist, has called "Get Woke, Go Broke" in that when a corporation engages in and advocates for far left political ideology, they don't make as much money as they once did as people start boycotting their products, in part because the quality of the product suffers from the infusion of the far left ideology in the product by far left ideologues hired by the company in the first place for diversity purposes. Examples of this can be seen within the entertainment industry in recent years, specifically the Star Wars franchise since Disney bought Lucasfilm(especially after the releases of the last two Star Wars movies, The Last Jedi and Solo, within the last year), the Ghostbusters namemake in 2016, and the American and European video game industry since Gamergate. Look at the NFL in the last few years since Kaepernick started acting no differently than the Westboro Baptist Church. As my brother put it, these corporations have chosen to commit commercial suicide.

And getting "woke" could lead to government intervention even if the intervention is ultimately unconstitutional. On Sept. 10th, a memo the mayor of Kenner, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans, sent out on Sept. 5th was made public basically banning the recreation department from using Nike products or receiving them from boosters. And unsurprisingly, certain members of the public whined and protested the Kenner mayor's decision. Including current New Orleans Saints players Terron Armstead and Cameron Jordan. Two days later, the mayor of Kenner rescinded the ban on Nike products, though there still racist assclown SJW's in the area still calling for the mayor to resign over the attempted Nike ban.

On August 24th, the Houma Courier published an op-ed by an idiot named Marianne Stanley where the former lawyer/college professor/journalist (three strikes, you're out) spent the second half of the op-ed whining about the Louisiana Bond Commission's recent vote to block Bank of America and Citigroup from underwriting $600 million in infrastructure bonds at the behest of its former chairman, former state treasurer and current US Senator John Kennedy, as a response to the two banks' decision after the Parkland, FL school shooting on Valentine's Day to refuse banking services to businesses that work with guns.

Bank of America stopped lending to gun manufacturers that make AR-15s and other guns like them, while Citigroup no longer provides banking service to businesses that sell guns to customers under 21(something that violates the US Constitution since 18 is considered an adult; if you can buy a house at 18, you should be able to buy guns to defend that house), don't require background checks for gun sales, or sells high capacity magazines.

I would assume that Bank of America and Citigroup are violating federal banking laws with these new policies, but apparently not or it's in a grey area, as Sen. Kennedy has suggested that he is working with fellow members of the Senate Banking Committee on federal legislation to stop the banks from enacting policies that discriminate against businesses just because these banks don't like what a business sells to its customers in a form of corporate peer pressure. Maybe this legislation will also apply to discriminating against people based on political beliefs, like what Mastercard did to the people running Jihad Watch?

Keep in mind that even though he's currently serving his first term in the US Senate and was just elected in 2016 after winning a runoff election, Sen. Kennedy is rumored to be seriously considering a run for governor of Louisiana next year against incumbent Democrat John Bel Edwards and Kennedy used this to further speculation of a 2019 gubernatorial bid.

Unsurprisingly, Mrs. Stanley showed her support for cultural Marxism when she criticized Sen. Kennedy for not giving praise to her corporate god-I mean, to those, in her words, "socially conscious" and "compassionate" banks for "looking out for young people" among other things.

As I stated in the last blog, corporations are capitalist ventures only in it for the money. As such, they are supposed to be amoral and not push their political views down the throats of the public, whether it's left wing companies like Time Warner, Google, and Facebook or right wing companies like Chik-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby.

It's hypocritical for Mrs. Stanley to criticize Sen. Kennedy for basically calling for other states to join Louisiana in basically boycotting those two banks when, in her very first op-ed for the Houma Courier published on Feb. 22nd(after the Parkland school shooting), she called for a boycott of fake "violent" video games after falsely blaming them for the school shooting. And there are at least two double standards in play here:

1) If a company does something I disagree with, I have every right to tell that company to kiss my ass and take my business elsewhere. If Nike starts promoting Colin Kaepernick and other crybabies like LeBron James and Serena Williams(especially after Serena tried to justify her on-court behavior in the women's final of the US Open Sept. 8th), then I can stop buying Nike products and start buying more products by Reebok, Adidas, or Under Armour. And it shouldn't matter if it's a sitting US Senator, a mayor of a New Orleans suburb, or an average citizen telling Nike or Bank of America to go pound sand. If it's OK for far left scumbags to protest against right wing groups like the National Rifle Association, then it's equally OK for people aren't far left to protest against left wing groups or far left ideology.

2) The far left thinks that any criticism of their beliefs or any company that promotes their beliefs is somehow invalid for one reason or another. My response to this is simple. If you want me to watch the shows then support those shows by buying every piece of merchandise you produce, pay $60 for a video game, or pay about that much at a movie theater between the movie, the popcorn, the soft drinks, and the candy to go see a movie that will be released on DVD three months later, then buy that $20 DVD/BluRay combo pack, you're damn right I'll be pretty hard to impress. And when you sell me stuff that both suck and blow at the same time like a vacuum cleaner, then tell me that I'm both wrong and somehow a bad person just for having that opinion, I'm going to tell you to go lick a llama's anus.

Marianne Stanley can't tell the readers of the Houma Courier to "Look beyond the fear-mongering and untruths that are causing unnecessary pain and injustice" when she just as much participates in fear-mongering and promoting untruths when it comes to products she doesn't like. Maybe she should practice what she preaches and pay attention herself since "nodding without thinking" isn't as beneath her as she'd like us to believe.

And, oh, by the way, Marianne........the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting! It never did! But I guess constitutional law wasn't her expertise as a lawyer or as a college professor.

Get Woke, Go Broke. If you don't like me, bite me.

Link to Houma Courier op-ed mentioned in this blog:
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