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Eat. Sleep. Falsely Blame Fake "Violent" Video Games. Repeat.

Another day, yet another school shooting, this time at a high school in Parkland, Florida(near Fort Lauderdale) on Valentine's Day. It was the most fatalities in a school shooting since the December 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

You could almost use a stopwatch to see how long it would take for the ignorantly insane morons on both ends of the political spectrum to politicize the tragedy and blame everything else other than the shooter himself. After all, it's not the FBI's fault they blew not one but TWO opportunities to potentially stop the attack months before it actually happened(which in itself was part of a spectacular clusterfuck of failure in which a Broward County sheriff's deputy/school resource officer did respond to the call of an active shooter and didn't even go into the school to stop the gunman). And it's also not the shooter's fault that he chose to join a white nationalist militia to get military style training. Or that he chose to go to a school he was expelled from, pull the fire alarm, and murder 17 people. It's somehow the gun's fault even though it's an inanimate object. It's the fake "violent" video games he may or may not have played, even though there's no evidence as of this writing(started on Feb. 16th) that the shooter actually played video games to begin with.

It is insanely idiotic and insanely laughable for Kentucky governor Matt Bevin(where a fatal school shooting happened last month) to say after the Florida school shooting that an "honest conversation on violent video games and movies needs to happen."

It would be nice to have that "honest" discussion. Unforunately, the lying scumbags that want to trample on the First Amendment and ban fake "violent" video games don't want an honest discussion and NEVER wanted one to begin with. If that honest discussion were to happen, the people who defend video games like myself would win that debate hands down. We gamers would expose these hypocrites for the liars they truly are. Wouldn't even take any longer than two hours.

The politicians, the so-called family advocacy groups like the Parents Television Council & Common Sense Media that hide behind children to justify their censorious views, & the tabloid trash corporate legacy mainstream news media with their bubble headed bleached blonde newscasters legitimately fear an "honest" discussion because it would mean two things:

1) they would have to admit that they have no real solutions to the problem of gun violence in the United States of America, &

2) they would have to pin the blame where it really belongs: on their own constituents. On the very people that vote for these idiot politicians like Bevin, or donate money to these family groups, or watch their garbage news networks promoting their biased Twilight Zone version of the world.

Just like with former Louisiana governor Bobby Bitchcakes Jindal after the shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon in October 2015, I have to ask what does the governor of Kentucky expect to accomplish in whining about fake "violent" entertainment? That is, other than parroting the National Rifle Association's whining since Sandy Hook in its thinly veiled attempt to shift the false blame from guns to the entertainment industry to protect themselves from the growing backlash against them and playing to their voter base.

Good thing I recently posted a lengthy defense of video games. Here's the link to that:

Without rehashing too much, the US Supreme Court decision in Brown v. EMA(which I was struck to hear that Scoot seems to know nothing about from listening to his show on Feb. 16th on WWL 870AM as of this writing) pretty much kills any legislative attempts at restricting sales of fake "violent" video games or movies. State legislators in Connecticut and New Jersey found out the hard way in the aftermath of Sandy Hook.

The scientific research is increasingly showing no connection between real world violence and fake "violent" video games.

Violent crime in the United States is down since peaking in 1991 according to the FBI's own crime statistics despite video games becoming more popular, more technologically advanced, and more graphic in its depictions of violence in the last 25 years.

It was also insanely idiotic and insanely laughable for Spokane County, Washington Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich to say that fake "violent" video games are why "society has changed" while defending guns in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting. Society really hasn't changed that much since humanity came into being. As I said in a previous blog, society has always been sick and loving it. Violence has always been a staple of humanity's entertainment diet since humanity has existed and evolved over the eons because violence is a part of everyday life.

Marilyn Manson said it best years ago when he was talking with David Duchovny about the issue in the Feburary 2005 issue of Official Playstation Magazine: "I think-----and I've said this before-----that times are far less violent and far more televised. You're just seeing it more. If there had been television during the Civil War, I'm sure people would not have been thrilled about what was going on."

And Marilyn Manson is right. Since the advent of cable television and the 24/7 news channels like CNN, MSNBC, & Fox News, coupled with the growth of the internet and social media, we've become accustomed to getting our news instantly. Maybe a little too much so.

Idiots like Matt Bevin, Ozzie Knezovich, & even President Donald Trump(who I've lost a little respect for after he started criticizing fake "violent" video games & movies for the Parkland shooting) should realize that the American public is sick & tired of seeing both hypocritical politicians like them(and other idiots like London mayor Sadiq Khan) doing what amounts to nothing & hypocrite celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel & Stephen Colbert virtue signal about guns after a mass shooting. The American people are also getting sick & tired of seeing mass shootings like Sandy Hook, Columbine, Las Vegas, Virginia Tech, & this latest one in Parkland get politicized while the bodies are still warm, even by the families, friends, & classmates of the victims of the shootings. But I don't believe in blaming everything other than the person responsible for the tragedy.

Only one person is ultimately responsible for the attack on Marjory Douglass Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida on Valentine's Day and that's the 19 year old who murdered 17 people. Nobody else is. Nothing else is. It is completely ridiculous to suggest that fake "violent" video games are responsible for the negative behavior of individuals and it is wildly inappropriate to hold the content of fake "violent" video games or any other form of entertainment responsible for the actions of individuals. You are the only person responsible for how you act in society.

Many of the problems we're facing in America today are directly because we no longer seem to have any respect at all for individual accountability. Holding individuals accountable for their own behavior has been replaced by blaming everything other than the individual.

Scoot said it best in a blog about some idiot blaming Facebook for people being "addicted" to social media: "The foundation of any civilized society is built on the concept that individuals are responsible for their actions. The further we drift from that premise – the further we drift into societal chaos."

Let’s end this decades-long trend of trying to blame everything other the individual for their actions. Just because it's easier to play the Blame Game by blaming fake "violent" video games or even guns doesn't mean that you should play the Blame Game. The only way to win the Blame Game is to ultimately not play the Blame Game.

One last note: The students that survived and the families of the victims of the Parkland school shooting should recognize that the American people's sympathy for them is not infinite. While pushing for "common sense" gun safety legislation may appear to be laudable, it's still seen as politicizing the deaths of your sons & daughters and fellow classmates. The families of victims of the various mass shootings over the last 20 or so years know this all too well.

But being scarred forever by a deranged individual doesn't excuse your own negative behavior. Saying that the thoughts & prayers of the President of the United States(and by extension, the American people, since the President represents every American citizen) are "meaningless" and having the mentality of "you're either with us or against us" is going to be counterproductive to your cause. Attitudes like that will cause the people to be less sympathetic to not just you, but to the victims of the next mass shooting, because the people are going to wonder if their families, friends, & classmates are going to be just as disrepectful towards people offering their condolences.

Also, calling your movement "#NeverAgain" is a dumb move because if another school shooting happens, then your movement has automatically failed in its stated goal of no more school shootings.

I also wonder how many of the students of that school actually knew all or even half of the people that were killed other than the assistant football coach(who was in a position of power)?

And finally, the NRA & conservative politicans & President Trump in particular, should realize that whining about fake "violent" video games is going to alienate younger voters & in particular Generation Z. It has been stated in surveys that the next generation after the Millennials, Generation Z. is tracking to be just as conservative as the Baby Boomers eventually became. They may not want to hurt their standing with a potential voting bloc that could help their cause in the long run because they chose to moralize about fake "violent" media in the short term. As I stated before, whining about fake "Violent" media is part of what ultimately cost Al Gore the 2000 Presidential election to George W. Bush. This might be President Trump's most disliked move as President by his core base since the airstrike on a Syrian airbase last April.

And President Trump should realize that whining about fake "violent" video games makes him look like a total hypocrite. Trump had no problem play-fighting with Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 23 in Detroit in 2007(and using a gif of his fight with Vince to mock CNN last year) and being a member of the WWE Hall of Fame years after WWE was falsely blamed for "causing" real world violence(in particular, the Lionel Tate case, which led to WWE forcing the Parents Television Council to pay $3.5 million and publicly apologize to WWE to settle a defamation lawsuit).
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