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Both Sides Lost the Alabama US Senate Special Election

The special US Senate election in Alabama to replace current US Attorney General Jeff Sessions came and went on Dec. 12th and Democrat Doug Jones edged out Republican & former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice Roy Moore by roughly 16,000 votes, if I remember correctly. But while the far left are celebrating Jones' victory as a blow against President Trump, they should keep in mind that while Jones did get more votes than Moore, he didn't exactly earn the win. And it may not even hurt Trump's re-election chances in 2020.

If we're being honest with ourselves, Doug Jones would not have won the Senate seat if the sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore didn't exist. Jones' margin of victory was less than the amount of votes for various write-in candidates(about 22,000), so in a two-candidate race, Jones didn't even get 50% of the vote. Even though Moore is a far right Christian fundamentalist zealot who was kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court twice for his refusal to abide by the US Supreme Court's order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Supreme Court building(as it the violated the separation of church and state), Jones was still trailing Moore by double digits in the polls until the Washington Post published the first allegations against Moore. Moore was basically done after that no matter how many times he denied the allegations against him.

As Styxhexenhammer666 pointed out, Jones' victory shows how weak both the Republicans and the Democrats are. The GOP lost an election in a solid red state(just like in the Louisiana governor's race in 2015 where then US Senator David Vitter lost in a runoff to Democratic state representative John Bel Edwards in part due to Vitter being involved in the DC Madam scandal as a client), but the Democrats barely beat a guy who was accused of molesting teenage girls!

So there was no real winner last Tuesday night. Jones might have won the election, but he won in such a way that it turns off people that would have supported him if the allegations against Moore weren't in play. And he would have gained more support if he hadn't acted like a neverTrump Democrat. Jones may very well be a half-term senator if he doesn't become a more moderate Democrat or actually address issues important to the people of Alabama. That means Jones can't just play to the far left progressive base(i.e. the racist black women and other minorities).

I said before that there is not enough people on the far left or the far right to win a national election while the two sides do tend to cloister in certain parts of the country(the far left in the West Coast and the Northeast; the far right in the Southeast and Midwest). There are moderate Democrats, moderate Republicans, & independent voters in the center who reject the extreme views of the far left & far right, and they've been increasely marginalized over the years because the extremes on both sides have become the loudest voices.

As Scoot has consistently pointed out before & after last year's Presidential election, the GOP was in the middle of a civil war between the far right conservatives & the moderates over the direction of the Republican Party. And it doesn't appear to have settled even with Donald Trump's victory. Adding to the GOP's woes is that their base doesn't like that some politicians within the party have had little to no support of Donald Trump since he took office(in particular, John McCain & Lindsey Graham among others). Also, the GOP has spent the last seven years promising their base that they would repeal and replace Obamacare, and they still haven't done it. They might at least repeal the requirement that a US citizen had to buy health insurance or pay a fine to the federal government as part of the tax reform bill, but for some Republican voters, that wouldn't be good enough for them.

Likewise, I think that there will be a civil war within the Democratic Party over that party's direction between the far left progressives & the moderates(if there isn't one already and we're just not hearing about it because the corporate legacy news media won't report on it), especially if the Democrats lose in next year's mid-term elections despite the public's growing disapproval of President Trump's job performance as President. Even though it seems like the moderate Democrats have sided with their more progressive counterparts for the most part, that could change as the far left has become more authoritarian. What doesn't help the Democrats is their lack of a party platform beyond being against everything President Trump does in office. It didn't work for them against George W. Bush in 2004 and it didn't work for the Republicans in 2012 against Barack Obama. And being against Trump can only go so far for the Democrats, especially if Robert Mueller announces he found no evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russia during last year's Presidential election and clears Trump of any wrongdoing.

Also, the recent rash of allegations of sexual harassment & assault that have continued unabated since the beginning of October has arguably hit the Democrats harder than it has the Republicans so far. Two prominent Democrats in Congress, Senator Al Franken(Minnesota) and Rep. John Conyers(Michigan) recently resigned their seats over the allegations against them, as did Republican Rep. Trent Franks(Arizona). But it's the allegations in Hollywood that may end up doing the most damage to the Democrats as the vast majority of Hollywood are Democrats(or pretend to be to get work) and heavily donate to Democrats with a few exceptions(Clint Eastwood, James Woods, Tim Allen, Arnold Schwarzenegger even moreso since he divorced Maria Shriver). It stands to reason that the Democrats' ability to raise money for future elections might take a hit as more allegations surface.

Eventually, the actions and broken promises by both parties will turn off their respective bases. You would think that it would help third parties like the Libertarian Party or the Green Party. But the problem is that we have used the results of last year's election to become even more territorial with our political beliefs and have further justified our divisions to the point where we can't really call ourselves the "United" States of America.
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