The NFL Embarrasses Itself Over President Trump's Criticism of Player National Anthem Protests

The Trump Derangement Syndrome continues unabated as the National Football League became the latest to become infected by the disease when everyone involved in the league got butthurt over recent comments by President Donald Trump at a Sept. 22nd political rally in Huntsville, Alabama. President Trump took shots at the NFL and its continued allowance of players kneeling or sitting during the playing of the US National Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, to protest what they see as racial inequality and the behavior of police officers in the line of duty when it comes to black criminals, saying that the NFL team owners should fire any player that refuses to stand for the national anthem(referring to the protesting players as sons of bitches, which I can understand people complaining about the President using the term, but I think it's a trivial thing to complain about as I don't care what kind of language President Trump uses). President Trump also suggested that NFL fans should boycott NFL games if players continued to sit or kneel during the National Anthem.

President Trump had also disinvited Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry from a celebration at the White House of the Warriors' 2nd NBA championship in three seasons because Curry suggested that he wouldn't attend the celebration when asked by an presumably SJW reporter(although ESPN has been reporting that the whole team was disinvited because of Curry), causing Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James(who campaigned for Hitler-I mean, Hillary Clinton during last year's Presidential election) to childishly tweet back at President Trump, "Going to the White House was an honor until you showed up." How sad and pathetic LeBron is. Like most Clinton supporters. And then days later, James called supporters of President Trump "uneducated". This from a guy who never went to college(even if colleges today have more interest in indoctrinating students into being radical Marxist ideologues than actually educating students. Makes me glad I didn't go to college after high school). 

But what was more sad and pathetic was the NFL and the players' reactions to President Trump's preaching to the choir in a deep-red Southern state. The NFL chose to air the playing of the National Anthem during all their games Sept. 24th(when they normally don't show the Anthem) to show groups of players sitting or kneeling(including 10 New Orleans Saints players) and other players standing arm-in-arm, some with their team owners(like the Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons, & Dallas Cowboys). At least three teams(Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, & Pittsburgh Steelers) refused to even come out of the locker rooms for the National Anthem even though they are required to be on the field for the anthem, although one Steelers player, Alejandro Villaneuva, did come out and stood for the anthem at Soldier Field in Chicago as he was an Army Ranger who served three tours of duty in Afghanistan, and now his jersey is selling like hotcakes like Joy Villa's albums after she wore a Make America Great Again dress at the Grammy Awards this past February; although, he should NEVER have apologized to his little bitch teammates just because Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin(a poor man's Omar Epps) whined like a bitch over it. He has more guts than they ever will have.

So while some SJW fans cheered the crybaby players, others reacted by telling the NFL to go to hell, more or less answering President Trump's call of a boycott. While I still watched the Saints' game at the Carolina Panthers(and still plan to watch the games for now although I will not wear any Saints merch) and was glad they won pretty decisively by a score of 34-13, I was still very disappointed in certain members of the team. When Fox showed the 10 Saints sitting on the bench, I immediately flipped both middle fingers at the TV. And that was tame compared to other reactions in the New Orleans area and SE Louisiana included a fan posting a video of herself on her Facebook page burning all her Saints stuff in a firepit(she wasn't the only NFL fan to burn all her team's gear that she owned; a Steelers fan did the same thing and at least a few Packers fans as well) and a WOW Cafe and Wingery in Chalmette turning the TV off and not showing the game at all(other bars and restaurants have now decided to stop playing NFL games in their business establishments). Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nunngesser announced he would not attend Saints or NFL games for the foreseeable future(even though he was in London, England with the Saints as they played the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium to help build up tourism to Louisiana). Also, two members of the Louisiana state House of Representatives has announced plans to file legislation ending the state's subsidary payments to the Saints that's part of a deal to keep the team in New Orleans and playing in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome until 2025, which was applauded by Louisiana state attorney general Jeff Landry. And Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro & defensive end Alex Okafor had their invitations to serve as grand marshals of the Krewe of Poseidon Mardi Gras parade in Slidell rescinded over the issue.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell & some other figures within the NFL like New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Patriots QB Tom Brady had the audacious temerity to call Trump's comments "divisive" when not only have the players' protests during the National Anthem actually widened the political divide, Goodell himself has been equally divisive since the player lockout in 2011. In particular, fans of both the Saints & the Patriots have hated Goodell's stinking guts since Bountygate & Deflategate respectively. Not to mention that the political division in America is not President Trump's fault to begin with, that Trump is the product of said division caused mostly by former President Barack Obama and recently exacerbated by Hillary Clinton, the corporate legacy news media, & the alt-left(Antifa & Black Lives Matter).

But the silliest & dumbest parts about all this bullshit and what makes the players' protests, which were supported by the NFL(I don't buy Kenny Vaccaro's claim that it was in the spur of the moment*), look foolish(well, more foolish than they looked before last Sunday) is that the initial reasons for the players' protest have been set aside. The protests are no longer about standing up against racial inequality and alleged police brutality(and while I do agree with Saints QB Drew Brees about his feelings on the protests even if he sounded like an SJW at times when he was talking about inequality, I actually disagree with the future Hall of Famer that the protests had 100% validity to them, because Colin Kaepernick's reasons were SAWFT at best when you read between the lines**), it's now become about sticking it to the President of the United States just because he called the protesting players sons of bitches(even though they've said worse things about opposing players and probably bullied weaker students in high school or college), thus embarrassing themselves in the process. Perception is reality. President Donald Trump basically trolled the NFL and its players into protesting against him. Gotta love having a shitlord as President of the United States. I know I do.

Roger Goodell could have done one of two things last August that might have nipped this controversy in the bud: Either

a) suspend Colin Kaepernick indefinitely under the personal conduct policy for conduct detrimental to the league*** until he agreed to stand for the National Anthem(which is what then-NBA Commissioner David Stern did to Mohammed Abdul-Rauf(a former LSU basketball player who had changed his name from Chris Jackson when he converted to Islam) in the mid-90s) or

b) give the Dallas Cowboys permission to wear a helmet decal honoring the five Dallas police officers murdered by a racist black supremacist at a Black Lives Matter rally the month before.

The soulless ginger Nazi NFL Commissioner Herr Goddell did neither and now he's watching the NFL's TV ratings slide since then(even if they went slightly up 3% between Week 2 & 3 with the Monday night game up 63% because of the controversy). The NFL made its bed of nails and now it has no choice but to be power bombed upon it. Funny how the uniting of the league's players, coaches, owners, & commissioner is leading to the league dividing itself from its longtime fans. 

The NFL & its players may end up regretting their decision because of the fan backlash. President Donald Trump's popularity has been grossly underestimated and underreported both during the election and even now since he took office. And while football is the most popular sport in the US, it's extremely popular in the Deep South states Trump won in November like Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, & Georgia. In fact, some of the college stadiums like Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee, & Kyle Field in College Station, Texas, have larger capacities than the NFL's stadiums except for the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas. 

The point I'm getting at here is that sports are just as much entertainment as they are an athletic competition. And the people(and not just Americans) are getting sick & tired of seeing politics & especially the social "justice" bullshit being injected into every form of entertainment, whether it's sports, video games, movies, television, etc. Entertainment is supposed a form of escape from everyday life for a few hours a day. A catharsis, if you will. People also don't like zealots whether they are religious or not. The more you push a particular issue, the less people will care about it until they stop caring altogether. 

And one last point: People don't like it when their patriotism is attacked or called into question. As I mentioned in the last post about why Kaepernick is no longer in the NFL, even if the players did not intend to disrespect the entire United States of America and especially its military, some fans still perceived their protests as disrespect for the USA and everything it stands for. The players chose to protest the National Anthem because they knew it would eventually draw attention to their cause regardless of that cause being bullshit or not. But the problem is that the form of protest turned off people that might have considered their points of view. Now, those people won't consider their point of view. Actions speak louder than words. The NFL and its players have basically become no different than the Westboro Baptist Church.

The NFL and its players embarrassed and disgraced themselves with their behavior on September 24th and made some fans embarrassed to be NFL fans and fans of whatever team they like. The NFL and its players have caused irrevocable damage to the league itself and to the players' reasons for protesting in the first place. Ultimately, they only have themselves, and not President Trump, to blame for it.

Postscript: I'm also starting to get really tired of racist black people calling Scoot's show and complaining about the "pro-slavery" 3rd verse of The Star-Spangled Banner and whining that the United States should change the National Anthem because of it even though the Anthem doesn't even use the 3rd verse. The 3rd verse is not used, therefore, it's no longer relevant. America: Love it or Leave it. Also, if you're going to complain about past slavery in the United States(which was outlawed by the 13th Amendment in the US Constitution after the US Civil War), then you have to complain about slavery of black people today in Muslim-majority countries supported by Sharia law. The Straw Man strikes again while it's being stirred in a drink. 

It is also very hypocritical to say it's OK to get actual & alleged white supremacists fired from their jobs because they went to some toxic waste dump in Virginia to hold a tiki torch in the middle of the night in protest of a Confederate statue being taken down while defending black millionaire crybully NFL players refusing to stand for the US National Anthem to protest "racial injustice" which has become a code word for black supremacy.

And it is also hypocritical to not stand for The Star-Spangled Banner, yet still stand for God Save The Queen(the UK's National Anthem) during a game in London. After all, the UK is actually oppressing its citizens with its draconian "hate speech" laws, thus the UK is way worse than the US when it comes to freedom of speech.

*-The team had plenty of time to talk about President Trump's comments about the NFL during the plane ride to Charlotte. And the NFL aired the playing of the National Anthem when they normally don't. I think there was some collusion between the league office, the owners, the coaches, & the players.

**-Kaepernick was basically citing Black Lives Matter without mentioning the group by name, even though if you've watched some videos by YouTubers Some Black Guy, Sargon of Akkad, & Blaire White on BLM, the group is basically a group of black supremacist racists. Can't fight one form of alleged racial supremacy with another form of racial supremacy. Or keep playing the Blame Game by using someone's race to justify that person's negative behavior. Kaepernick himself damaged the credibility of his protest when he wore socks with pigs wearing police hats during a practice and wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Fidel Castro on it to a press conference.

Recently retired Jefferson Parish sheriff Newell Normand(who retired from law enforcement at the end of August and joined WWL Radio to replace the retired Garland Robinette at the 10am-1pm timeslot) made a great point on his new radio show(which he started Sept. 11th) on his Sept. 25th & 26th shows that Kaepernick & his supporters will never get what they want because what they want requires the US Constitution to be radically changed. The US Constitution basically guarantees that you are innocent until you are proven guilty. Kaepernick, BLM, & their sycophants radicalized by the corporate legacy tabloid trash lamestream news media have the mentality of "guilty until we decide you're innocent(if we ever decide you're innocent)" whether it involves police officers or not(for example, third wave feminists have that same mentality when it comes to sexual assault cases). 

And Stephen A. Smith destroyed Kaepernick on ESPN First Take months ago when he found out that Kaepernick never bothered to vote in the last election, let alone even register to vote. Can't change the system if you refuse to even participate in the system to try to change it. 

***-While standing for the national anthem is not specifically mandatory under the NFL's rules, "conduct detrimental to the league" is an all-encompassing rule where the Commissioner could consider anything to be conduct detrimental to the league. And the league had plenty of chances to change the rules in the offseason to make standing for the national anthem mandatory(like NASCAR apparently did that weekend).


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