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Saying FU to the following in 2019.......

Saying 'Fuck You' to the Following in 2019

Since it's been months since I last posted anything and it's the end of 2019, as we start the new clown decade, I have to get a lot of things off my chest. I haven't done this format in years(which I blatantly borrowed from Phantom Lord on LiveJournal), but it's still Festivus, I have a lot of grievances to air, and like Tupac Shakur, I have to get my fucks on because I don't give a fuck.

So here is my 2019 Fuck You List.....

Before I start, this list is in no particular order and everyone on the list is equally worthless.

OK, where to start? There was a massive race to the top(or bottom, as it were). How about I start with everyone's favorite fake environmentalist...

Fuck You to Greta Thunberg (and her parents and everyone lionizing her as some sort of 'patron saint').

This teenager from Sweden has replaced Al Gore as Chicken Little running around saying the sky is falling because of climate change to the point where, just like those scumbags from Parkland, Florida cashing in on their school being shot up last year within 72 hours after the tragedy, she's become some half-celebrity, but unlike those losers calling themselves "March for our Lives", she's been anointed as a near Christ-like figure to the far left climate Nazis.

Seriously, what exactly has she done to warrant having her likeness painted on brick walls around the world? Besides skipping school for bullshit reasons, absolutely nothing.

And why is she the new spokesperson for climate change(even as the left is already hunting for her replacement)? The left, whether it's the nanny-statist Neo-Libs or the pinko Commies, steals from the religious right's playbook when it suits their needs and they're using the age-old tactic of hiding behind children to justify their demands. As Anthony Cumia once said, when people complained about the content on TV and the radio, they were told to change the channel and shut up before they started arguing on behalf of children to make their opponents look like monsters. But sometimes, some people stop caring about what other people think of them.

And I have to give a dishonorable mention to video game blogger Patrick Scott Patterson for some tweets about her when Time magazine named her their 'Person of the Year' for 2019(more on Time magazine's bonehead decision a little later).

First off, why should anyone "play around" with someone who has offered no solution to the problem of climate change other than typical far left talking points(whining about 'patriarchy' and the colonialism of the past, as well as pushing for socialist and Communist bullshit)? Just from watching Tim Pool and Styxhexenhammer's videos on YouTube, I came up a better solution than she, her parents, or even her enablers ever could:

1) End deforestation and replant the trees used for lumber, farmland, etc.(basic botany: plants absorb CO2 and create oxygen from it)
2) Stop being so damn afraid of nuclear energy(it's carbon-neutral and it makes no sense to make everybody use electric cars when we still get electricity via power plants that also use fossil fuels)
3) Completely reform the education system to put the focus back on the three R's(reading, writing, arithmetic) and get people to go into the STEM fields(public school teachers & college professors are too busy indoctrinating students into certain far left ideologies and are not teaching them anything that is actually needed to survive in the world)

Hell, we would already have the flying cars from the Jetsons or hover conversions from Back to the Future Part 2 and we would be colonizing space, the moon, Mars, and possibly Venus by now from the last two. Yeah, it's all theoretical science, but still.

Also, being skeptical of the climate science is NOT 'denying' the science. Especially when NOAA and the UN IPCC were both caught falsifying data to make the climate look warmer than it actually is. As I've pointed out in the past, it came out in December 2012 that Frederic Wertham(the author of "Seduction of the Innocent") falsified data to make comic books worse than they actually were. To me, doing something like that puts the results of the studies and the whole science in general into question.

As Jesse Ventura wrote in his book Do I Stand Alone?, "Any good science class will teach you what scientific theory is all about. Science can't actually prove anything true, it can only prove something false. Any scientific theory that has been around awhile is only around because it hasn't been proven false yet. That's the way science works. Evolution is a theory, just like the theory of relativity. It's hung around so long because it's an extremely effective way of explaining biological phenomena. It's been backed up a thousand different ways by scientific data. You'll never hear a decent scientist calling it 'truth', because science doesn't deal in the truth, but it's one of the most valid theories you'll ever find."

Granted, Ventura was writing in the context of the debate over evolution vs. creationism, but the point still stands.

And I think President Donald Trump made the right decision in 2017 to pull the United States of America out of the Paris Climate Accord. If the goal of the climate deal is to slow, stop, or even reverse the rise of the Earth's average temperature, it makes no sense and would seem to have a negligable effect at best when it allows China and India(both nations combined have more carbon emissions than the US, yet Greta doesn't have the ovaricular fortitude to call either of them out on it) to continue polluting to the point of tripling their carbon output while the US and Europe are in the process of lowering theirs. It's been said that even if the United States ended ALL use of fossil fuels, it wouldn't even change the temperature of the Earth by one-tenth of one degree.

The Earth is estimated to be about 4 billion years old and went through an Ice Age that had nothing to do with human activity. These same climate scientists were claiming 40 to 50 years ago that the Earth was going to enter a second Ice Age, so if they were wrong then, how are they accurate now? Confirmation bias, much?

One last shot at Greta: If autism was really her 'superpower' as she claims, she'd go back to school and channel it towards fixing the problem of climate change, like by learning how an engine works and eventually build a cheap, viable alternative to the internal combustion engine. And the only person who could legitimately claim that autism is his superpower is Shaun Murphy, Freddie Highmore's character from the ABC TV series The Good Doctor.

While I'm at it, Fuck You to Time magazine for naming Greta 'Person of the Year' when there were more deserving candidates and for also having that bald bitch Emma Gonzalez(another idiot who has done nothing noteworthy and has been alleged to have bullied Nicholas Cruz to the point where he did shoot up the school they went to) verbally fellate her for a whole three paragraphs or so.

The readers' poll overwhelmingly named the people of Hong Kong protesting the Chinese government as their People of the Year. Those people are actually fighting for their lives, unlike those two future porn actresses.

Also, they do know that anybody the magazine chooses as their 'Person of the Year' will inevitably be compared to Adolf Hitler, since, you know, the magazine once named him Man of the Year? Granted, it was before World War II, but still, you would think that with corporations being run by pussies these days, they would have dropped the whole 'Person of the Year' thing for the same reason everyone currently whines about the Circle Game/OK hand gesture.

Next up.....

Fuck you to the entire Democratic Party.

It's amazing how the Democrats have committed poltical seppaku over the last year, continuing to show America and the rest of the world that they have learned absolutely nothing from 2016.

Let's be real, there were exactly THREE moderate Democrats in Washington right now, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia(the guy who voted to confirm both of Trump's nominees to the US Supreme Court) and the two representatives that voted against both the impeachment inquiry and the articles of impeachment, and one of them, Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, has since switched parties to the GOP. So there are now two moderate Democrats in Washington.

Nancy Pelosi handed Donald Trump re-election in 2020 by helping push an impeachment process that is becoming more and more unpopular the longer and longer it gets drawn out. It'd be sad if it wasn't so pathetic watching the Dems act like they didn't want to impeach Trump when everyone in the Democratic party were pushing for it since Trump won the 2016 election, especially racists Maxine Waters, Al Green, Cedric Richmond, Rashida Tlaib(also an anti-Semite), and Ilhan Omar(ditto).

The entire impeachment process has been a total joke. Schiff and Nadless Nadler cemented themselves as corrupt jackoffs who should be in jail instead of in political office, especially Schiff for spying on political opponents and journalists.

If the Democrats in the House wanted it to have some semblance of fairness, they should have made any Democrat that had or is currently running for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020(Tulsi Gabbard, Eric Swalwell), or anyone related to a person running for President(Joaquin Castro's brother Julian is still running), or even anyone who publicly endorsed a candidate for President(For example, Alexandria Osacio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, & Rashida Tlaib, all of whom deserve Fuck Yous as well, all endorsed Bernie Sanders) completely recuse themselves from the entire process. That means no voting, no assignments in the committees, and no public comments about it. As it turned out, Gabbard voted for the inquiry, but voted present on both articles, not voting either yea or nay.

And the same thing should have been done in the Senate. Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and any other senator that's a current or former candidate for President in 2020 should recuse themselves from the impeachment trial, if there even is one since Pelosi still hasn't sent the articles to the Senate.

But it's never been about fairness to the Democrats, it's been about undoing the results of the 2016 election that Trump won fair and square. But they should ask the people that voted to Remain in the UK's 2016 Brexit referendum on whether to leave the European Union on how trying to overturn a embarrassing loss has fared(more on that later).

The results of the UK's elections two weeks ago should have been a wake up call to the Democrats. They've been running neck and neck with the UK's Labour Party over who's further left that both parties have alienated their core base, the working class. In fact, they've gone so far left that they think former President Barack Obama is now conservative for telling them to quit doing purity tests. John Bel Edwards recently won re-election as governor of Louisiana, but because he is firmly anti-abortion and pro-2nd Amendment, MSNBC's head conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow tried to get Elizabeth Warren to denounce him and have him kicked out of the Democratic party during a Presidential debate. Pelosi may as well just hand Steve Scalise the Speaker's Gavel, since the Dems have also handed the GOP back the House for the 2021-22 term.

Also, a big Fuck You to Robert Francis O'Rourke for his insane push for gun control after a mass shooting in his hometown of El Paso. The fact that he ended up dropping out of the 2020 Presidential race shows how well that worked out for the evil son of a bitch. (I disagree with Razorfist that O'Rourke might end up as Joe Biden's running mate. While Biden & Beturd might agree on that one issue and while the Democrats have gone farther left in the last ten years, there's not enough people that far to the left to win a national election. It'd be like naming Bernie Sanders as his running mate. They already have the far left, but they've alienated too many moderates and independents now to win in 2020.)

Not to mention the fact that O'Rourke called on banks and credit card companies to stop allowing gun purchases. Fun fact: Louisiana attempted to pass a law months before the El Paso & Dayton shootings to block the banks & credit card companies from doing just that, but the bill died in the state Senate after passing the state House. Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware was right when he basically said that Beturd did way more harm to gun control than good.

Continuing with the Democrats, Fuck You to Hillary Clinton.

It's been three years since she lost fair and square and she still blames everybody other than herself for why she lost. She tried to falsely claim that Tulsi Gabbard was a 'Russian asset' and yet there's still a push to have her run again in 2020 and she still hasn't ruled it out.

Note to Hillary: nobody really wanted you as President in 2016 and no one sure as hell want you as President in 2020. How can we miss you if you won't go away? Chelsea should do the world a favor and spike her Geritol with Drano.

Speaking of elected officials, Fuck You to New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardean for being a fascist bitch. After the mass shooting in Christchurch, her government has thrown people in jail just for sharing the video of the shooting and has pushed for censorship of the internet with other fascist leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron(a dickhead who gets a Fuck You himself for his heavy-handed approach to the Yellow Vest protests over a gas tax) and German Chancellor Angel Merkel(gets a Fuck You since everyone knows the European Union has become Germany's attempt to create the Fourth Reich). Kim Jong-Un is less fascist than her and New Zealand has become worse than North Korea. Fuck that Dhimmi bitch(coined by Louis Le Vau) in the ass with a razor-wire wrapped baseball bat.

Also, Fuck You to Canada for keeping that loser Justin Trudeau as the country's prime minister especially after it came out that he wore blackface on multiple occasions. Any other white person would have been tarred, feathered, lynched, whipped with a wet noodle, and fired from whatever job they had. Then again, Virginia governor Ralph Northam was alleged to have worn blackface in the '80s(after he advocated for infanticide) and he's still governor there, in part because the lieutenant governor got #MeToo'ed before they could replace Northam.

Anyway, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner was right years ago on TNA Impact when he referred to Canada as 'Mexico North'.

And sticking to foreign politics for one more person, Fuck You to British businesswoman Gina Miller for continuing to drag out the attempt to sabotage Brexit.

So after Theresa May stepped down as the UK's Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party after her Brexit deal was repeatedly shot down by the House of Commons, the Tories named former London mayor and current MP Boris Johnson as her replacement. (For the record, Theresa May gets a Fuck You for basically sabotaging the Brexit process. Never forget that she campaigned to Remain in the EU.) Johnson's first order of business is to get Brexit done by the set date of October 31st(after May previously got an extension), but he got backlash from both Paraliament and from Miller, as they sought to keep Britain from leaving the European Union without some sort of trade deal. Miller sued the British government all the way to Britain's Supreme Court and won, while the House of Commons voted to keep a no-deal Brexit off the table(with several members of the Conservative Party defecting from the party in the process), basically handcuffing Johnson behind his back and blindfolding him, as he was forced to ask for another extension for invoking Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon treaty from October 31st to January or February 2020.

Johnson then asked for and got a new Parliamentary election on December 12th, the second snap election in the last three years and the British people responded by giving the Conservatives their biggest majority(80 seats) in the House of Commons since Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister in 1987 and giving the Labour Party their worst losses since 1935, a total repudiation of Labour's push to far left(Communist) ideology. As an added bonus, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that he would step down as leader before the next UK elections, and Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson lost her seat to the Scottish National Party(SNP), which had gained seats themselves in the recent elections.

Granted, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is now calling for Scotland to get a second referendum on independence from the United Kingdom over the Brexit referendum because the Scots mostly voted to remain in the EU in 2016, even though she might not have the support for Scottish independence. But ultimately, that doesn't matter. Brexit will likely happen now with Boris Johnson having the mandate to get it done, possibly even without a deal with the EU. All Gina Miller ultimately did was delay the inevitable.

Moving on to sports.....Fuck You to Colin Kaepernick.

He's on the list for two main reasons. First was during the Fourth of July when the racist jackoff got Nike(who also deserves a Fuck You) to pull a set of shoes that had the original American flag, the Betsy Ross flag with the 13 stars in a circle in the blue field, because he hates the American flag(he claims the flag of the country he was born in is racist).

The other reason is the bait and switch he pulled with the NFL a month or so ago. The NFL invited him to have a workout at the Atlanta Falcons' practice facility for any of the 32 teams that wanted to look at him(and somewhere around 25 teams, but on the day of the workout, he bails out because the NFL wouldn't let him bring a camera crew. That was just a lazy excuse. So he held a separate workout in another part of Atlanta, where only a few teams were able to send representatives to. Then the worthless turd had to gall say the NFL was afraid of him.

Colin, if anybody is afraid of you being on a football field, it's you. You'd rather pretend to be a martyr than actually be one, which you be because if you were on a NFL team, you'd playing Joe Theissmann to someone's Lawerence Taylor.....and it wouldn't be an accident like Theissman's injury. No NFL team is going to take a chance on your worthless ass because you are bigoted against police officers and the owners, the coaches, and even the other players, even if they won't say it publicly, don't want the headaches from your grandstanding. It says something about you when one team(the Cleveland Browns) gives one of the wide receivers that worked out with you a tryout and a team with multiple injuries at quarterback(the Detroit Lions) that did manage to show up at your workout still didn't call you.

And don't expect the NFL to give you another chance after you flaked out on them. No one screws with the NFL and gets away with it. That's been made apparent on numerous occasions. And everyone knows the XFL wouldn't have even given you a chance, claims of you wanting too much money not withstanding, for two reasons: Vince McMahon is friends with President Trump and Vince would have made you stand for the National Anthem because it would have been in your contract and there's no XFL players union to hide behind since all the players are under contract to Vince McMahon. Oh, it's true, it's damn true.

Just like those rednecks on South Park have said, "If you don't like America, you can get the hell out!"

Speaking of grandstanding jerks, Fuck You to Megan Rapinoe.

Rapinoe had joined in Kaepernick's bullshit protest(which, it should be pointed out, he started a month after police officers were specifically targeted in mass shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge by racist black supremacists allegedly inspired by the YouTube channel The Young Turks, in particular, Jimmy Dore), so as an proud American, I found it really hard to root for Team USA in the FIFA Women's World Cup in France this year(which the women's team did win to get their 4th World Cup in 8 tries and second straight) with her on the team and her being one of the players heavily promoted by FOX before the tournament.

And it got worse after their first game, in which the US women's team beat Thailand 17-0 in the biggest margin of victory ever in any FIFA World Cup game, when people like failed Presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand called for the women to get "equal pay", partly because the women's team currently has a lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation over the issue(even though they already get paid more than the men's team did and actually get a bigger piece of the pie in their World Cup than the men's teams do with their World Cups. But to be fair, the men's $6 billion pie is way bigger than the women's half a billion).

We're sitting here and you're talking about Thailand. Thailand. Not Japan. Not Japan. Thailand.

Beat the men's team 17-0, then we'll talk about equal pay. And a game between the men's and women's teams won't be like when Billie Jean King beat an old, long past his prime Bobby Riggs in a tennis match almost 50 years ago. If the women's team couldn't even beat a team of 15 year old boys in a scrimmage, what exactly would make a rational thinking person think the women's team would fare against a team of strapping young men in their 20s and early 30s and in the peak of their prime?

But seriously, the women are lucky to be getting what they're being paid now, and that's because the women's game is still way behind the men's game in both talent level and in TV viewership. The women's final only got one-third the audience of the men's final in Russia last year. Yeah, the women's final did better in the US than the men's final, but that's because Team USA was in the women's final and patriotism alone guaranteed a bigger audience whereas Team USA failed to qualify for the men's World Cup last year for the first time since 1986. Though it would interesting to compare the US viewership on this year's Women's World Cup final on FOX to the 1999 final at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on ABC.

And lesbi honest, the US women's team probably shouldn't have been in the final after the refs screwed England out of a game-tying goal in their semifinal match on a bullshit offsides call(offsides is a call soccer should do away with anyway) on replay review, no less.

Sidenote, Fuck You to Sports Illustrated for giving Rapinoe Sportsperson of the Year. Could have waited a week or so and given it to Heisman Trophy winner LSU QB Joe Burrow since his acceptance speech raised half a million dollars for a food bank in his Ohio hometown or anybody else.

And to rebuke another grandstanding jerk, Fuck You to the new Dairy Queen LeBron James.

Everyone knows that LeBron got Anthony Davis to bail on the New Orleans Pelicans and join him on the LA Lakers(after getting Magic Johnson and other executives and coaches fired), which Davis was able to do, though the Pels did win the draft lottery and got Zion Williamson with the 1st pick(though Zion's yet to play a meaningful game as he's recovering from a knee injury suffered in preseason), but that's not the reason LeBron's on the list.

No, he gets told to fuck himself because he weighed in on a massive issue when the Houston Rockets general manager tweeted out his support for the protests in Hong Kong while the NBA was hosting preseason games in China and the Chinese government lashed out, dropping NBA games from state-run TV and their sponsorship of the Rockets(which is the most popular team in China because Yao Ming played for them for years).

And LeBron sided with China over the Rockets GM. But what did you expect from a worm who called President Trump a bum?

WVUE Fox 8 sports anchor Juan Kincaid had a great rebuttal to LeBron on their Tuesday night Fox 8 Sports Overtime show, so if I find the clip of that I'll post a link here.

And the last one related to sports, Fuck You to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell's already a permanent resident of the Fuck You list with Jack Thompson, Lionel Tate, and a few others, because of the Bountygate bullshit, but he gets a special FU for the NFC Championship Game last January.

You know the play I'm talking about. LA Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman gets away with blatant defensive pass interference AND helmet-to-helmet contact on Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis. WGNO-TV had a camera angle on the sideline that showed a ref appearing to go for his flag, but another ref firmly telling him not to throw it. The Saints were forced to settle for a field goal for a 23-20 lead with about 1:45 left when either penalty would have given the Saints first down and goal and a chance to, if not score a touchdown to take a 7 point lead, run the clock down to about 10 seconds left to kick the field goal. Instead, the Rams drive down the field to tie the game with a field goal to send the game into overtime, get an interception on a tipped ball in Saints territory on the 1st possession of overtime, and then kick a 56 yard field goal to win the game 26-23.

Former Saints and Falcons QB Bobby Hebert of WWL Radio was right when he said after the game that the NFL was extremely lucky that there wasn't a riot in the Superdome, but I guarantee if that no-call had happened in Philadelphia or New York or even Oakland, there would have been a riot. If it was in Philly, it would have added a few more ugly cracks to the Liberty Bell.

It also didn't help matters when it came out after the game that four of the referees in the NFC Championship Game were from California, two of them from near Los Angeles. All Goodell has done is prove sports conspiracy theorists right about the Saints still being on some sort of double-secret probation stemming from Bountygate as long Sean Payton's still Saints coach and/or Goodell's still Commissioner. And created new conspiracy theories as the Super Bowl was in Atlanta, home of the Saints' biggest rival.

If you think Saints fans(and New Orleans TV stations) still trolling Falcons fans about the Falcons blowing that 28-3 lead to the New England Patriots to lose Super Bowl LI in overtime is bad, imagine if the refs had thrown the flag on Robey-Coleman, Saints hang on to win the NFC title game, then go to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl in Atlanta.

Saints fans like myself refused to even watch the Super Bowl(I did listen to the game on WWL Radio with Westwood One's coverage; though it would have been funnier if WWL Channel 4 got in on the act and pre-empted the game, but I think CBS would have revoked their affilation if WWL-TV had actually done that) and TV ratings for Super Bowl LIII fell from last year. Granted, the game was a boring defensive slugfest won by the Patriots 13-3, giving Tom Brady and Bill Belichick their 6th Super Bowl title since 2000. The Saints would definitely scored more than three points.

Though it did lead to a fun moment on Mardi Gras Day when WVUE chief meteorologist David Bernard gave Saints owner Gayle Benson a replica of the Lombardi Trophy. Benson later put it next to the Lombardi Trophy from Super Bowl XLIV as a placeholder.

And there was one change in the rules as pass interference became a reviewable play whether it was called on the field or not, at least for this year, though it was rarely overturned by replay review.

But the biggest problem the NFL has is that the referees are not being held accountable for bad calls or no-calls to a satisfactory degree(fined or fired). But if a player or coach criticizes the referees' behavior, they're the ones that get fined.

It just makes the NFL look faker than pro wrestling, but that's what happens when you have part-time referees. To be fair to the NFL, a lot of referees have retired in recent years and have moved on to the NFL's TV partners as rules experts.

Moving on, Fuck You to Jussie Smollett.

Smollett hired a couple dudes from Nigeria to stage an attack on him(including wrapping a noose around his neck) on one of the coldest nights in the winter in Chicago just so he could get more money from the FOX TV show Empire and falsely blame President Trump for it for sympathy points, which worked for awhile thanks to morons like Ellen Page, but the jig was up when Good Morning America interviewed him and Chicago Police investigated and charged him for faking the hate crime and Smollett was let go from Empire(and Fox later announced that this season of Empire will be its last), though the insane Smollett still contends it actually happened, even having his lawyer claim on TV that the two Nigerians were wearing white facepaint because there was a video the brothers did where one of them was dressed like the Joker.

And on that note, Fuck You to Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx for inexplicibly dropping the charges against Smollett in exchange for community service after allegedly getting a phone call from the Obamas. Smollett's black gay privilege at work.

And speaking of gay privilege, Fuck You to former Vox reporter Carlos Maza for using his "lispy queer" card to get YouTube to demonetize Steven Crowder's channel by falsely claiming Crowder "harrassed" him by constantly referring to him as a "lispy queer" even though Maza uses the username Gay Wonk on Twitter. The fact that Maza did all this in June during LGBT Pride month and using the fact that YouTube is based in the heart of the far left Silicon Valley says to me that Maza did it for fame. Brings a tear to a glass eye.

But how did that work for him? He got let go from Vox about two months later.

Oh, by the way, Carlos, if Tucker Carlson really cared about you falsely labeling him a "white supremacist", he'd have already sued your worthless lispy queer ass for defamation like he's Vince McMahon and you're Brent Bozell.

And to reach around back to fake hate crimes and to sports, Fuck You to former WWL Radio host Seth Dunlap.

So a few months ago during his radio show on WWL from 8pm-11pm, WWL Radio's Twitter account posts a tweet calling him a fag while quoting one of his own tweets. New Orleans area sports reporters react as most people would in this day and age, calling out the radio stattion, and Dunlap, who is gay, takes a leave of absence from the station.

Two weeks ago, news breaks that this Emmy Award winning peabrain sent the tweet out on the radio station's Twitter account himself......from his own damn cellphone. And the radio station even sent the results of their investigation into the tweet to NOPD for potential extortion charges because he and his lawyer demanded money from the station.

Dunlap has since been fired from the station, which makes the idea that it was a publicity stunt by the radio station highly unlikely. My theory is that Dunlap staged the whole thing as a publicity stunt without the station management even being aware of his intentions, like that case on Unsolved Mysteries about the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ in LA getting a DJ from Arizona, who would later be hired by KROQ as a DJ, to call in during a "confess your crime" segment on their show to confess to murdering his girlfriend.

I also think Dunlap's stunt had a lot to do with Saints QB Drew Brees posting a video the week before in conjunction with the group Focus on the Family promoting a "Take Your Bible to School" Day. WWL is the flagship radio station of the Saints and Dunlap(who had just been assigned by WWL Radio to co-host the station's pre-game call-in show prior to the Saints' pre-game show) posted an article on the station's website criticizing Brees for doing the video for an anti-LGBT group, but it seems to me like he didn't get as much publicity for that article as he would have hoped. Plus, Brees did not apologize at all for doing that video for the group either when asked about the controversy by the press after a practice day.

Moving back to the entertainment industry, Fuck You to Elizabeth Banks.

I would have given her a pass for the new version of Press Your Luck, but then she had to complain about how no "man" went to see her feminist version of Charlie's Angels starring Kristen Stewart, showing that Hollywood has not learned a damn thing from that crappy Ghostbusters remake in 2016. Insulting your potential audience isn't going to put butts in the seats.

Not to mention that Elizabeth was already asking people to go see yet another remake of Charlie's Angels, the third in the last 20 years(the two movies with Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz in the early 2000s and the failed ABC TV series remake with Minka Kelly a few years ago). Plus, people are tired of remakes in general. It shows no originality or creativity in Hollywood, especially when they're so focused on diversity(like replacing white redheaded women with black women in everything. Hollywood has become Gingerphobic.).

Speaking of that 2016 Ghostbusters remake, Fuck You to so-called journalist James McMahon.

McMahon whined about the trailer to the new Ghostbusters movie, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, because it was everything the fans wanted: direct sequel to the original movies, focus on the original characters(in this case, Egon Spengler's son played by one of the kids from Stranger Things), and no mention of that soulless namemake at all. Wahhh, it's rewarding "regressive fanboys", this worthless turd says.

Maybe if the effeminate loser that directed that remake, the actresses from the movie, and the widower of one of the movie's writers(Patton Oswalt is another jackoff who deserves a Fuck You) hadn't acted like entitled regressive crybabies themselves attacking everybody who disliked the movie's trailer on every platform, maybe the fans would have given that movie a fairer chance.

See it for what this is.....Sony's olive branch to the fans of the original Ghostbusters movies. People like James McMahon should grow up and get a life.

To close out the mainstream entertainment section, Fuck You to Sacha Baron Cohen.

I have a firm belief that people who work in any part of the entertainment industry have absolutely no business calling for censorship. As such, I still have a low opinion of Arnold Schwarzenegger, pro wrestler Gail Kim, and yes, even President Trump for calling for censorship of the video game industry. (Even though I think he's doing a better job as President than we're led to believe, Donald Trump gets a dishonorable mention because of his continued whining about the video game industry.)

But Sacha Baron Cohen gets a big Fuck You for his idiotic hypocrisy while giving a speech for the Anti-Defamation League(another group deserving of an eternal Fuck You for their censorship-mongering), defending the stuff he did while filming Borat(the song "Throw the Jew Down the Well") and Bruno(the gay men kissing in the middle of an MMA octogon) as "exposing racists and homophobes" while calling for more censorship on social media to the point of even calling for the people running the social media sites like Mark Zuckerberg to be thrown in jail for hosting certain content he doesn't like.

Really, dickhead? Really? REALLY?

Sacha Baron Cohen comes off as an ill-informed twit. The social media sites, even if they are protected from Cohen's suggestion of jailtime by Section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act, are already heavy-handed with their "hate speech" rules(which the far left jackoffs running those sites have defined the same way the US Supreme Court defined pornography, the "I know it when I see it" argument) as it is. Twitter banned feminist Meghan Murphy for saying biological men(i.e. trans women) aren't women. Facebook recently suspended Tim Pool for just mentioning the name of the alleged whistleblower that caused the impeachment bullshit in the first place, Eric Ciaramella. YouTube deleted videos(Tim Pool's) and ended podcasts midstream(particularly Beauty and the Beta's) for the same thing. And half the time, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube don't even need a reason to ban anyone these days.

Be careful what you wish for, Ali G. The social media sites might be private companies, but they are NOT 100% exempt from the First Amendment. The First Amendment might only reference the US Congress, but the case law over the last 230 years since the US Constitution was ratified has stated that private companies do have to abide by the First Amendment when it comes to defamation, libel, slander, and a few other things. These private companies offer publc platforms that have infinitely expanded the public square. Maybe the US Constitution should be amended to expand the reach of the First Amendment to include private companies. Or maybe the social media sites should consider "hate speech" a cost of doing business and quit the censorship.

Speaking of social media, Fuck You to YouTube CEO Susan Wojicki

She has basically turned YouTube into Wal-Mart between the censorship of independent content creators and the favoritism shown toward the legacy media conglomerates. If you think that Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and other people and companies have to follow the same rules as Pewdiepie, Angry Video Game Nerd, Matt Christensen, Tim Pool, Sargon of Akkad, Styxhexenhammer666, Razorfist, and other independent creators have to, I know a guy in Brooklyn with a bridge to sell and another guy with some ocean front property in Arizona(he might even throw the Golden Gate in for free).

I think that YouTubers that haven't already considered using other video hosting sites like BitChute, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Minds, and others should consider diversifying their portfolio. I would also consider that if YouTube wants to be Wal-Mart, the content creators should treat them like the record industry did with Wal-Mart. Post uncensored videos on the other video platforms and post edited versions on YouTube. I know it will be more work for the content creators, but if you want the alternatives to YouTube to grow, that's something that should be considered besides just posting videos exclusively to BitChute.

And speaking of the legacy news media, Fuck You to CNN head Jeff Zucker.

The entire mainstream news media gets an eternal Fuck You for the predatory way they operate, but Zucker has run CNN into the ground with the non-stop "Orange Man Bad" narrative. We get it. Everyone that works for CNN hates President Trump, especially Racist Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and Brian Steltzer. And the public has tuned it out for the most part. CNN has become the new poster child for Boring and Predictable.

Ted Turner must wish he had never sold Turner Broadcasting to Time Warner over 20 years ago, because if he was still running CNN, he would have fired everybody and started over long ago, married to Hanoi Jane or not.

On to random people, Fuck You to Zoe Quinn.

She and Anita Sarkessian have given the Western video game industry a slow-eating terminal cancer, so that's enough to put them on the Fuck You list for all of eternity, but she gets special mention for driving one of her former boyfriends to suicide, so she now has a bigger bodycount than Gamergate ever did.

Fuck You to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The ACLU gets a mention for giving Christine Blasey Ford a "Courage Award" for her lying under oath about Brett Kavanaugh "sexually assaulting" her even though not one person could corroborate her story.

Fuck You to Jonathan/"Jessica" Yaniv.

Remember that whole controversy over allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they most identify with? That it was going to open the door to allowing straight men with malintent to just claim they identify as a woman to sneak into the women's bathroom and take pictures of, molest, and rape women and young girls? And how people were saying that it was being overblown because it was being pushed by hysterical conservatives still upset over losing the argument over gay marriage?

Enter this asshole to prove that those fears were not unfounded. It's not bad enough that this guy is trying to take advantage of Mexico North, I mean Canada's pro-trans laws by going to beauty salons trying to get the female workers to wax his balls and sued them when they refused(he ultimately lost those cases) and is now going to OB/GYNs for treatment even though he doesn't have the female gentalia or reproductive organs for them to treat. Like a trans version of Onision, he tries to go after younger teenage girls even though he's much older than these girls. Not to mention that he got arrested for brandishing a taser while in a livestream with Blaire White.

Fuck You to the US Federal Trade Commission.

It feels like the FTC is using the Children's Online Private Protection Act(COPPA) to go after the Silicon Valley oligarch social media sites. They started with YouTube with a $180 million fine, and I think it will eventually end up fining Facebook and Twitter under COPPA. Though, the FTC is on the list for suggesting they will use that law to go after independent content creators as well because the FTC seems to think that anything you talk about is somehow attractive to kids.

Honestly, this might be an overreach by the FTC and lead to COPPA being overturned as unconstitutional for their enforcement of the law was too broad.

And finally, Fuck You to Gab founder Andrew Torba, as well as conservative blogger Matt Walsh.

Both are on the list for their moralfagging about porn. Torba can ban it off of Gab all he wants since it's still a private company(offering a public platform like Twitter and Facebook), but him and Walsh(who also whines about fake 'violent' video games) are both idiots for pushing for a full ban of porn.

Even with the "I know it when I see it" argument, the US Supreme Court has said that porn is free speech to some extent as long as it involves consenting adults and as long as it's not made knowingly available to children. Although, Andy might want to step back a bit. He can tout his support for "obscenity" laws all you want, but Antonin Scalia's majority opinion in the Brown v. EMA case that said video games are protected under the First Amendment basically opened the door to the eventual overturn of all obscenity laws.

Wondering how is that possible? Scalia wrote that the Supreme Court was clear in the Winters v. New York case that obscenity laws were meant to only apply to sexual content. By saying that, Scalia basically exempted all violent content in entertainment from obscenity laws. Therefore, the argument can now be made that obscenity laws violate the Fourteenth Amendment's guarantee of equal protection under the law.

So, again, be careful what you wish for.

On that note, I'm finally done, and good grief, that took forever. I don't think I opened up the seventh seal, but then again, there were probably people I forgot to mention.

Happy New Year, everyone, and hope that 2020 will be better than 2019 or 2018 or 2017 or 2016 was.
best in the world

The Five Biggest Problems With Society Today

The Five Biggest Problems With Society Today

Last weekend saw two more mass shootings(a shooting at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas where 22 people were killed, and another in Dayton, Ohio where nine people were killed, including the gunman's own sister) a weekend after another mass shooting at a garlic festival in California, and as such, the shootings yet again drew more calls for censorship and more calls for gun control, even though both are unconstitutional.

It seems to me like both the left and right want to continue seeing mass shootings happen, not just because they want to continue the policies that lead to these mass shootings in the first place(censorship and gun control, which have never worked in the first place), but also because they refuse to address the real problems with society today that have also lead to mass shootings as well as the political divide because it would mean blaming the general populace for the shootings.

I am going to sound like a broken record on this, since I've mentioned these issues numerous times before, but these issues bear repeating until the world finally gets it through their thick 33 pound waterheads. America does not and has NEVER had any problems with guns or video games or any other tangible inanimate object. We have a problem when it comes to mentality. It's in the collective mind of society, and it is not the fault of an outside source. The usual scapegoats for mass shootings are nothing more than symptoms of bigger issues and it's not necessarily mental illness.

The five biggest problems with society today are as follows:

<----- Lack of Respect for the Concept of Personal Accountability and Personal Responsibility ----->

Come on, you had to know that this would be the first thing I will mention.

The Baby Boomers and Generation X have created this problem over the last 40 years by playing the 'Blame Game' whenever tragedy happens, and while it's gotten gradually worse since Columbine, it's gotten even worse since Charlottesville(which wasn't a mass shooting, but the reaction was similar with its calls for censorship).

The last three generations have been telling us that it's always someone or something else's fault when we screw up in life, which is wrong. To quote Andrew Ryan from BioShock one more time, "What separates a man from a slave?......A man CHOOSES, a slave OBEYS." People act like we are somehow enslaved by the news media, the entertainment industry, the National Rifle Association, etc., but the whole 'Monkey see, monkey do' argument is bullshit. It's still 'Monkey see's' CHOICE to 'Monkey do'.

The reaction to the most recent mass shootings continue to show the lack of respect for personal accountability and personal responsibility when everyone is looking for someone or something else to blame other than the two men who made their individual conscious choice to pull the trigger of their firearms at unsuspecting people in El Paso and Dayton.

Just like with the Parkland, Florida school shooting last year(and the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012), President Trump once again falsely blamed fake 'violent' video games for the shootings just because both shooters were in their early 20s, which is total bullshit and once again proved correct founder Dennis McCauley's theory that if a mass shooter turns out to be younger than 30 years old, the more likely the news media and the politicians will scapegoat fake "violent" video games. Even though the average age of a person playing video games is currently around 35 years old and more women are playing video games than teenage boys are according to surveys done by the Entertainment Software Association.

It also ignores the fact that millions and millions of people of all ages around the world play video games regardless of the content of the game and don't go out to commit violence in the real world, as evidenced by the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, that shows that violent crime(which inculdes mass shootings) has fallen by roughly 50% since 1991(even if American cities are not required by federal statute to release their yearly crime statistics). It also ignores the fact that Japan makes up half the video game industry and has no real issues with violent crime. Or South Korea, one of the biggest video game markets outside the US and Japan, for that matter. Or how Canada and the US share the same viewing habits and same entertainment.

And as I've said before, President Trump has zero credibility when he complains about video games when he is friends with Vince McMahon, had no problem getting physical with Vince at WrestleMania 23, and is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, making him a hypocrite. Granted, being a hypocrite didn't stop Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was governor of California in pushing his state's anti-video game law(sponsored by a guy who ended up in federal prison for gun trafficking) all the way to the US Superme Court, but still. Although, Trump does come off as indirectly blaming Vince McMahon and WWE when he falsely blames fake 'violent' video games since WWE has a licensing deal with Take-Two Interactive, the same company that publishes Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Bully. Not to mention that Trump currently has Vince's wife Linda McMahon working on his re-election campaign after she was a part of his Cabinet for most of the last two years as head of the Small Business Administration.

Trump is an intelligent man("Stupid like a fox" as TJ Kirk, the Amazing Atheist, once put it), so he has to know that he has no chance in hell of winning any fight with the video game industry because of the US Supreme Court decision in Brown v. EMA in June 2011. He can thank Antonin Scalia for that decision which said that video games are protected free speech under the First and Fourteenth Amendments and that violent content in entertainment is exempt from obsecnity law.

It also doesn't help his cause that the research into playing video games is firmly in the video game industry's favor. Study after study, especially those done after the Supreme Court's decision that claim to have fixed the flaws in methodology in the studies that were cited by the court in the Brown v. EMA decision, continue to show that there is no evidence fake 'violent' video games cause people to go out and commit violence in the real world. Oxford University even said there is "definitively" no such link. The US Center for Disease Control couldn't even prove the link exists when ordered to study the issue after Sandy Hook by then-President Barack Obama.

Claming that there is a link between fake 'violent' video games and violent behavior should now be considered a conspiracy theory on the same level as the idea that the Earth is flat or that Sandy Hook was staged, especially when the researchers that do claim that such a link exists can't even prove that playing a 'violent' video game is worse than watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon or even reading the violent passages in the Bible. And the researchers can't even prove the other biggest complaint about 'violent' video games 'causing' real world violence, and that's the idea of desensitization. A study in Germany that was released after Parkland last year found no evidence that 'violent' video games desensitize the player to real world violence.

Maybe Trump should quit listening to Vice President Mike Pence or other evangelical people in both his Cabinet and the GOP, since they themselves are ignoring that Jesus Christ himself said that outside forces like fake 'violent' video games cannot be blamed for what is already within the heart and soul of a person who goes out and commits evil. Mr. Pence, Brent Bozell III, Franklin Graham, and others should go back and read either Matthew 15:18-20 or Mark 7:20-23.

But not to be outdone, the Democrats and the far left once again falsely blamed guns and the National Rifle Association just because the NRA is better at lobbying than they are. But that's gotten old to some Democrats since several including former President Obama have now taken to blaming President Trump himself for his rhetoric over the last four years since he first announced his candidacy for President, specifically his commentary against illegal immigration and against certain members of Congress because both shooters also happened to be white men(even though the Dayton shooter was a far left wacko like the old man that shot Steve Scalise in Alexandria, Virginia in June 2017), because they believe Trump to be a 'racist', which Trump has denied on both counts.

Just as Trump is wrong to falsely blame fake 'violent' video games for mass shootings, the left is equally wrong to blame Trump or guns or the NRA for the same mass shootings. It is not Trump's fault if someone CHOOSES to take his words to heart.

Besides, if President Trump has to take responsibility for the shootings because of his rhetoric, then every Democrat and their supporters should also take responsibility for the shootings because of their own rhetoric and behavior against Trump and all of his supporters. That includes Barack Obama, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, Pete Buttigieg, Beta O'Rourke, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elijah Cummings, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Michael Moore, Samantha Bee, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Chris Evans, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Bree Larson, Christopher Titus, George Takei, Lebron James, Megan Rapinoe, and Alex Morgan.

It ALWAYS takes two to tango.

Also, if Trump's rhetoric is to blame for the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, then every far left so-called 'journalist' at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, the BBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, the Huffington Post, the Daily Beast, Salon, Vox, Vice, and Buzzfeed should also accept responsibility for the shootings as well with their rhetoric against Trump and his supporters that included calls for violence against both them and the federal government, especially by Carlos Maza and Shaun King, with the recent attack on journalist Andy Ngo by Antifa in Portland at the end of June and the Antifa terrorist that tried to firebomb an ICE detention center in Tacoma a few weeks ago.

But all it ultimately does is take responsibility away from the actual prepatrators of the shootings, the shooters themselves. It's like the song about the woman who ate a spider to catch a fly. By falsely blaming guns, video games, President Trump, the NRA, or anything else, the shooters are now four or five steps away from their responsibility for the shootings. Steve Scalise does not blame Bernie Sanders for his getting shot during a baseball practice two years ago by a supporter of Sanders and Scalise has every reason to. So, how is anything other than the shooter to blame for a mass shooting?

<------ The Need for Instant Gratification and Becoming Too Overcome With Rage in the Process ----->

Another thing I've mentioned before is that patience is no longer seen as a virtue. We've become conditioned to expect everything almost immediately after we ask for it. We can post our thoughts on social media and get instant feedback from the people that have chosen to follow us whether they agree with what we say or not and we can order stuff from Amazon and get it the next day. Instant gratification has become the new norm in society and it's becoming a bigger issue as society continues to become more technologically advanced and more automated.

Because of instant gratification, people today, even if they are normally responsible gun owners, have become much more willing to use a weapon or use any other form of violence to settle any dispute they may have. As WWL Radio host Scoot pointed out, while responsible gun owners own guns for protection or for sport, too many people are now wanting to own a gun simply to gain respect and confidence. As such, they end up developing the instinct to use their gun to settle an argument, manifest revenge, or to stand up for their or their friends' reputations. This is something we've been seeing for the last 20 years or so, specifically with road rage.

A couple of days after the two mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, there was a story where two men were waiting in line at the customer service desk at a Baton Rouge Wal-Mart and got into an argument where both men pulled out their firearms, shot once at each other, and both missing their intended target with one hitting an innocent bystander who was buying a lunchbox for his kid for school. The bystander wasn't seriously injured, and the two men ran out of the Wal-Mart and were caught later. But, like most stories these days, that turned out to be fake news. What, was that story from the Babylon Bee or the Onion?

Even if the story was fake, that story epitomizes one of the biggest problems that instant gratification has brought. We are no longer willing to resolve a conflict peacefully. A simple argument can't seem to be settled without escalating into violence. Whether we do it ourselves or not, we allow ourselves to become so angry and hostile, either at the world for whatever reason or at certain people for daring to have a different opinion than we do or for daring to criticize a certain person or an ideology, whether we like that person or ideology or not. Especially as the news media and their political activists pretending to be journalists encourage conflct whenever and wherever possible.

Another problem with instant gratification(and also with personal accountability) is that we are too obsessed with wanting a quick fix that is politically expedient to solve a complex issue. Calling for banning tangible objects like guns and fake 'violent' video games and even calls to expand background checks to buy a gun are nothing more than a quick fix that does nothing to address the root cause: human behavior. And it's because politicians and celebrities don't want to be seen as blaming their own constituents and fans for why something tragic happens.

We know from experience that prohibition has never worked. Look at the attempt to completely ban alcohol in the United States. Look at the current war on drugs. It's the same argument against socialism and Communism, two things that have never worked either.

And one more issue with instant gratification is we're becoming too emotionally attached to an issue. When a tragedy like a mass shooting happens, we post about it on social media and we expect politicians to immediately address the issue, whether they're in session or not or even if the solution is constitutional or not.

Tim Pool also made a good point about how people and the same so-called journalists have become too obsessed with how many likes and followers they have on social media. I myself have actually seen people try to use everyone's follower count on Twitter to try to justify their arguments. So, if the number of followers somehow means your argument is more solid and has more validity to it, then that means Pewdiepie should have more power at YouTube than its CEO or even Google's CEO and everything he says on YouTube should be the law of the land on that platform, since Felix Kjellberg has the most subscribers on YouTube for an independent content creator.

<---- Push To Promote Reckless Sexual Gratification Coupled With Lack of Parenting ---->

Going back to what I posted about parenting or the lack thereof, a lot of the biggest issues with society boil down to the beginning of life, when sperm meets and penetrates an egg. Not talking about having sex just for the sake of having sex, but having it recklessly with without any regard for the consequences, which could include pregnancy or an STD. The mentality of seeing a person as nothing more than a sexual conquest or as a sperm donor. The mentality of seeing a child as no different than a household pet like a dog or a cat(gee, that describes Casey Anthony in a nutshell, also the mother of a certain 12 year old drag queen....). Actions that are no longer seen as shameful, considering that some people have had multiple children with multiple partners.

A lot of that can be traced to a sex education system that focuses too much on abstinance before marriage and not enough on how to practice safe sex. Even though teen pregnancy has actually dropped in recent years(along with the birth rate in general), teenagers and most young adults are always going to be sexually active and as such, will always experiment, i.e. 'playing doctor'. Again, a lot of this is because Americans for the most part still see sexual activity and nudity as taboo, especially in entertainment media, unlike in Japan and basically all of Europe and Asia.

It doesn't help that parents today have abdicated some of their responsibilities as parents, partly because we took parenting advice from people who have no children like Oprah Winfrey. As I said before, "Parents today just don't understand that it is their responsibility to teach their child the difference between right and wrong. Parents today just don't understand that it is their responsibility to monitor and control their child's consumption of entertainment media. Parents today just don't understand that it is their responsibility to teach their child that they are the only ones responsible for their behavior regardless of what they were exposed to both in entertainment and in real life. And parents just don't understand that it is also their responsibility if their under 18 child does something wrong(For example, Lionel Tate's idiot mother; go find the episode of A&E's old show American Justice about that case)."

An arguably positive example would be Ann Kechter, whose son Matthew was one of the victims at Columbine. In his second autobiography "Foley is Good: And the Real World is Faker than Wrestling", Mick Foley mentioned being offended to the point of anger while watching the Parents Television Council's fundraising video against WWE when original NBC Tonight Show host Steve Allen, one of the PTC's celebrity spokesmen at the time until his death in October 2000, tried to falsely blame WWE for Columbine(and for the school shootings in Paducah, Kentucky and Jonesboro, Arkansas) in a hushed tone. Well, the most offensive statement in that video beyond showing the clip of Foley being thrown off the top of the Hell in a Cell twice by the Undertaker at King of the Ring in June 1998 eleven times throughout the course of the video when that clip was the only one shown more than once.

Anyway, Foley went on to mention he had become friends with the Kechter family after an uncle of Matthew's had contacted WWE about asking Mick to call the Kechter house to talk to Matthew's brother Adam to help boost his spirits since Mick was Adam's favorite wrestler. To make the phone call more special, Mick decided to walk around the arena they were at and ask his fellow WWE wrestlers to join in a call that lasted over an hour and a lot of the WWE superstars did, seeing it as an honor, not an obligation. Foley mentions that the family told him that the call from Foley and the other WWE superstars meant more than a call from then-President Bill Clinton because the family felt WWE's call came from the heart much more than Clinton's call.

When Foley asked Ann about what he saw on the PTC's video blaming violence on television for the massacre(the PTC didn't really start going after video games until a few years later), she told Foley outright with assertiveness and a bit of anger that she blamed the parents of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris for the shooting, simply because Harris and Klebold planned out the attack on Columbine for at least a year under their parents' noses. And she, along with the families of the other victims, got to see everything Klebold and Harris said on video and wrote about what they intended to do.

Harris and Klebold even took responsibility for their own actions on April 20, 1999 in their writings and commentary, with Harris saying, "Do not blame the games, we chose to do this."

While research has consistently shown that there is a much stronger correlation between an unstable home life and crime than there ever was between fake "violent" video games and crime, we shouldn't expect parents to be perfect. Our parents were never like the ones we saw in sitcoms or dramas like the Huxtables, the Cleavers, the Nelsons, the Keatons, the Bankses, the Seavers, the Lamberts, the Winslows, the Tanners, the Waltons, the Cohens, or the Cunninghams. Whether we want to admit it or not, our families were always like the Bundys, the Bunkers, the Conners, the Tituses, the Goldbergs, and the Simpsons.

But they should at least try to live up to those lofty expectations, even if they can't be reached and even if certain actors that played those roles(like Bill Cosby or 7th Heaven's Stephen Collins) didn't exactly live up to them either.

<----- Lack of Trust and/or Faith in Humanity ----->

Another thing that's been brought up in recent years, but has its roots from the corporate legacy news media, is the need to demonize people, especially today in the name of political correctness. We have been conditioned to automatically assume the worst in people and automatically assume they're guilty of something. Look at what happened to current US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh last year during the process of his confirmation to the court by the US Senate.

Tarl Warwick, Styxhexenhammer666, has been pointing out consistently over the last three years or so that we are in the middle of a massive moral panic where certain groups are using race, racism, and other forms of identity politics to justify their push for political power and calls for censorship among other things, just like the Red Scare in the 1950s and the Satanic Panic in the 1980s. Coupled with that, Styx has said that this new moral panic is occuring within a political paradigm shift, which Tim Pool and Dave Rubin have also constantly pointed out, showing how the Democrats have shifted farther and farther to the left over the last 40 years, but moreso since the start of Barack Obama's second term as President in 2013. As Jason Whitlock from Fox Sports told Rubin, the Democrats have gone from classic moderate New York liberalism(which is basically what Donald Trump actually is) to militant San Francisco liberalism/progressivism.

It also doesn't help that the idea of political correctness has gone so far out of hand that crticizing the behavior of an individual within a certain group is somehow an attack on the entire group of people. Recently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused of fellow Democrat Nancy Pelosi of being racist towards her because Pelosi had been highly critical of her. And of course, there was the incident after the Christchurch shooting earlier this year where Chelsea Clinton was falsely blamed for the shooting because she was critical of Ilhan Omar's anti-Semetic comments.

Carl Benjamin, Sargon of Akkad, has consistently shown how the concept of social justice(and feminism and other identitarianist ideologies), and in particular, how the far left perceives social justice, has become its own religion, with the biggest difference is that the far left has no concept for forgiveness, making redemption impossible.

In his book "Don't Know Much About History", Kenneth C. Davis defined McCarthyism as "a smear campaign of groundless accusations from which the accused can not escape, because professions of innocence become admissions of guilt and only confessions are accepted." Benjamin himself is a prime example of this modern day McCarthyism(and as I've said before and earlier, so are video games).

When he ran for the European Union's Paraliment under UKIP's banner earlier this year(which wouldn't have been needed in the first place if then-Prime Minister Theresa May hadn't sabotaged the UK's exit from the EU and ultimately didn't matter because Nigel Farage's new party, the Brexit Party, rode Farage's cult of personality to victory), the British news media that Sargon called 'dirty, dirty smear merchants' at the press conference announcing his candidacy only proved him(and me and millions of other true believers) 100% correct about them by constantly bringing up an old tweet he posted towards a female MP three years ago. You know which tweet, even though technically, it no longer exists because Sargon got banned from Twitter for unrelated bullshit reasons. A funny tweet that I find it curious that Jess Phillips didn't care about for three years before Carl Benjamin decided to run for political office. Hmmmm.....some people wouldn't even run for political office, especially in a place that is an authoritarian police state cowed to political correctness(see Tommy Robinson).

And that's not even talking about what happened to Sargon during some of his campaign stops(since the UK is much farther left in their politics than the United States is and it seems like the Democrats in the US are in a race with the UK Labour Party over who can go further left without alienating their entire base). Certain far left scumbags decided since a scumbag Muslim racist dumped a milkshake over Tommy Robinson's head while Robinson was also running for EU Parliament as an independent(because no party in the UK wanted him because of his past actions with the English Defense League), everyone they disagree with(i.e. hate with unbridled passion) should have milkshakes thrown on them. And idiots obliged, with Nigel Farage, Milo Yiannopolous(who was a guest speaker during a couple of Sargon's campaign stops), and Sargon himself getting hit with milkshakes on numerous occasions. Sargon even had a fish thrown at his head while he was conducting an interview with a local newspaper. He even had HORSE SHIT dumped on him!

And naturally, things escalated. Milkshakes weren't enough. At the same time Andy Ngo was getting beaten up by Antifa cowards, the soyboy scumlords of Antifa threw milkshakes that were laced with quick-drying cement, an alkaline substance, thus acid, onto people. But it couldn't have been because a fat ugly British bitch who calls her a 'comedian' named Jo Brand called for acid attacks. Nahhhhhhhh.

To Benjamin's credit, even if it can be argued that it ultimately did cost him the election, he refused to back down or even apologize, because he saw it for what it was. The PC inquisition wouldn't even accept a 'confession' i.e. apology. And it continues to show how the news media cares only about gossip and scandal because we react more to negative stories than positive stories.

After all, nobody could have possibly proved that they were NOT a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. The Jews could not prove that they were NOT a cause of economic problems in 1930s Nazi Germany. During the Red Scare, the people accused of being Communists could NOT prove they were NOT a Communist. And during the Satanic Panic, the people accused being devil worshippers could NOT prove that they did NOT worship Satan. Maybe people confused Satan with satin(like satin sheets, satin lingerie, satin slips. Mmmmm, satin slips--wait, what?). And today, anybody accused of being a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a bigot, etc. have no way to prove they are NOT any of those things.

As Richard Belzer defined "The Big Lie" in his book "UFOs, JFK, and Elvis"(even if it is cribbed from Goebbels), "If you tell a lie that's big enough and you tell it often enough, people will believe you are telling the truth even when what you are saying is total crap."

Why should we even care about what somebody said three years ago, or ten years ago in the case of Kevin Hart getting screwed out of hosting the Oscars earlier this year over past anti-gay tweets, or even thirty-five years ago in the case of Conor Daly, an Indycar driver who was driving in a NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin last year when his car's sponsor pulled their funding out from under him because his father once used the N-word in an interview(It also got the interviewer fired from his job as the radio voice of the Indianapolis Colts)?

All this has done is continue to widen the political divide within the United States and the world.

Because of all this, we've lost trust and faith in humanity. We actively look for reasons to distrust a person's intentions or even not like a person, even if we have similar interests, even members of our own family and our neighbors. Also, we expect the nanny state to do everything for us. Schools inculding colleges and universities are more concerned with coddling students than actually teaching them basic skillls, like critical thinking, money management, parenting, and basic morals. Wait, that's supposed to be the parent's job.

<---- Systems That Encourage and/or Reward Negative Behavior ---->

I've kind of touched on a few examples of a system encouraging and rewarding negative behavior. Like a woman that only has children either through the birth of their own children or adoption agencies because it's easier to get money from the government through government assistance programs. Or how Carlos Maza got YouTube to demonetize Steven Crowder's channel in June over being called gay(even though he uses the word in his username on Twitter) and over Crowder selling an anti-Socialism T-shirt(YouTube, like most corporations these days, caved faster than the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl) and called for political violence on his Twitter, or how reverse racist Shaun King called for violence against the federal government on Twitter, leading to what happened in Tacoma. Or how in February of this year, actor Jussie Smollett hired two guys to stage a 'hate crime' against himself during one of the coldest days of the year in Chicago simply so he could blame President Trump for it to boost his career and get more money from the TV show he was on at the time.

It goes back to what I said earlier about Tim Pool's statement about how certain people are too obsessed with the amount of likes and followers they have on social media. As Eric Bischoff said, controversy creates cash. And as Jesse Ventura has said, most of the time, the media creates outrage where is none to be had(like an old college video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing).

They do this because we in society is always reacting much more to negativity than positivity. Jussie Smollett got way more attention from that fake hate crime than he ever would have or even should have from anything he'd ever done or will do in his acting and music career or even from doing charity work.

Sure, a D-list celebrity giving a million dollars or two to St. Jude's or the Special Olympics will get some media attention, but because everyone is so obsessed with conflict, that same celebrity being attacked by people claming to support the current President and his views on society because it continues to perpetuate their narrative against said President will always get more clicks, more shares, more viewers, and more revenue. As the saying goes, "If it bleeds, it leads." That is a sad fact of life that we refuse to acknowledge when we hear about the latest mass shooting.

And it doesn't help when the news media encourages this type of behavior. As I've said on several occasions, it's always treating a story like it's feeding a pig, constantly feeding that pig until it explodes, then the legacy media turns around and reports on the explosion, all the while acting like they had absolutely nothing to do with that pig exploding the way it did. And we let them do it just by watching them do it, which only encourages them to do it more.

<---- In Conclusion ---->

If we're going to get serious about addressing why mass shootings happen(especially in the United States), we need to quit childishly playing the Blame Game and start looking in the mirror at ourselves. The problem is not with the mass shooting, it is in how to prevent a mass shooting from happening in the first place. Video games are NOT to blame, nor are access to guns, or even President Trump's words or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's. They are all products of the bigger issue. We have to ignore the temptation of banning tangible objects like guns or video games or even restricting access to them and look at human behavior.

We've becomed obsessed with wanting satisifaction and using whatever emotions available, including rage, to get that satisfaction has become all too common. To parapharse Scoot, President Trump and even certain Democrats "came along at a time when the act of hating based not on malicious actions but on words of disagreement has been turned into a recreational sport." Trump, Omar, Tlaib, AOC, etc., are products of a growing trend of incivility and both sides refuse to take responsibility for their behavior.

Censorship and gun control are NOT and will NEVER be the answer. Not only does censorship create more interest in the product(video games, heavy metal music, Married.....with Children, The Simpsons) or person(Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson) being censored, in fact, it just creates more mass shootings and more violence.

Being free to speak openly about any topic at any time without the fear of persecution or even prosecution allows a civilized society to stay civilized and function as it should. When those fears exist, it only encourages frustration, apathy, and even violence, because those who have differing views can only express those views with anger and hostility, which I think certain politicians want to happen, especially real fascist politicians like New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardean, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and European Union executives like Guy Verhofstat and Axel Voss(or whoever the asshole was who wrote Article 11 and Article 13 of the EU's Copyright Directive).

President Trump cannot claim to be against censorship when Fartbook, Twitter, and YouTube bans someone, whether it happens to a conservative or to a liberal but mostly to conservatives, for bullshit reasons, yet turn around and call for censorship of the video game industry. Either everything is OK, or nothing is. Trump risks losing the people on the left that are only supporting him because the Democrats are worse or the Democrats left them behind in their push to farther left.

And the Second Amendment is there to protect the American people in case of foreign invasion or if the President and the federal government become tyrannical. Some argue the latter already has.

Jesse Ventura made this point in his book "Do I Stand Alone? Going to the Mat Against Political Pawns and Media Jackals" that social problems can't be solved by passing new laws. It's like putting a regular Band-Aid on the stump of a lost limb. Social problems are like hydras, you try to solve one of the underlying problems and two more will inevitably pop up, likely by the legislative solution meant to be a quick short-term fix.

Ventura argued that the biggest issue with society today is that the traditional social institutions that used to regulate behavior and produce high quality people(family, neighborhood, church, and schools) have gotten weaker. And they've gotten worse over the years. And it ultimately goes back to parenting or the lack thereof. As Ventura wrote, "Government can do little or nothing to strengthen the quality of the individuals in our society. That part is up to us. The Founding Fathers gave us an outstanding template for governing a free society, but it's up to us to provide the society. If we want democracy to work the way it was intended, we have to be ready to do our part."

Basically, if mass shootings are going to be few and far between again, we have to look at fixing society itself. That means no more censorship, whether it's by Silicon Valley corporations or by the government and no more gun control.
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The Continued Death Spiral of Personal Accountability

The Continued Decline and Imminent Death of Personal Accountability

It's been, what, five, almost six months since I last posted a meaningful blog. I could have talked about the Patreon Purge and Patreon's unfair banning of Sargon of Akkad over a livestream on someone else's YouTube channel almost a year before, then far left scumbags like Tim Squirrel trying, and ultimately failing, to de-platform SubscribeStar after Sargon and a host of other YouTubers like Tim Pool, Matt Christensen, and Vee went to the Patreon competitor in protest of Patreon's unjust decision. But it would just have been a re-hash of my blogs about Silicon Valley's banning of Alex Jones everywhere under false pretenses last summer and the attempted de-platforming of Gab after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting last Halloween, which ultimately also failed to an extent since Gab has since introduced Dissenter, which allows people to post comments on any website regardless of if that website has a comments section. Taking back the Wild West Internet, and the Internet in general, one step at a time.

A Youtuber named YouTuber Law is in the process of filing, or has filed, a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission over the Patreon Purge as it relates to SubscribeStar because the timing of Paypal and Stripe pulling their support from SubscribeStar within days of Patreon banning Sargon, then Sargon joining SubscribeStar and regaining all the pledges he lost on Patreon, was suspicious. I agree that it definitely was not mere coincidence, especially considering that Patreon's head of their 'Trust & Safety council' Jacqueline Hart also happened to work for PayPal for years prior to being hired by Patreon. I still think that the Securities and Exchange Commission should be petitioned to investigate Patreon, PayPal, Stripe, MasterCard, and Chase Bank as well. There has to be something illegal going on in Silicon Valley, the credit card companies, and now the banking industry as well, with people losing their livelihoods, let alone their ability to conduct basic business or even paying their bills, over their political beliefs. I highly doubt that the waterworks or the electric companies are taking cryptocurrency any time soon.

Thankfully, the actions of Silicon Valley may not be going unnoticed by our elected officials. Very recently, Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry(who's passing on a run for Louisiana governor this year in favor of a re-election bid to stay attorney general) announced plans with other state attorneys general to break up the tech firms like Facebook and Google. Every little thing that ultimately leads to an Internet bill of rights(which I posted last October as a shameless plug) will help.

However, time to get on track. A pair of recent stories last week continue the trend of how the idea of personal accountability, the premise that you are the ONLY person ultimately responsible for your own actions, is slowly dying as simpletons continue to play the 'Blame Game'.

On March 14th, the Connecticut state Supreme Court reinstated a frivolous lawsuit that the families of the victims of the December 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, CT filed against gun manufacturer Remington in an asinine and morally reprehensible 4-3 decision. This despite a federal law that is supposed to shield the gunmakers from these type of bullshit lawsuits, but the scumbag lawyer representing the Sandy Hook scumbags argued that the "marketing" of the guns somehow exempted their lawsuit and four idiots chose feelings over facts.

The biggest question I have with this idiotic decision is the premise of the marketing of any gun. It's a very flimsy argument based on trying to make the firearm industry look like the tobacco industry, only without evidence of wrongdoing that was readily apparent against the tobacco industry.

The marketing? Outside of a hunting or outdoors program on sports channels, which would be considered a niche audience, where do you see any advertisements for any brand of firearms? Certainly not on any mainstream television show on CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, or the CW, let alone on FX, USA, TNT, TBS, "Comedy" Central, or AMC. Hell, even before Columbine, I don't remember ever seeing an ad for a Winchester or a Smith & Wesson or a Glock during an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, The Simpsons, Married...with Children, or even Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Also, I seem to recall that the guns Adam Lanza used to murder his mother and the group of 20 kids in the school weren't even his, but his mother's. Or did his mom give him the guns as a gift?

Then again, the scumbag lawyer also tried to falsely blame the video game industry for the shooting, yet he didn't try to sue Microsoft, Sony, Activision, or Take-Two Interactive. I wonder if the fact that the industry has beaten every one of those bullshit lawsuits, including after Columbine, had something to do with that. But he also never had an argument here, either. Every game I've played whether it was Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Saints Row, Borderlands, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, BioShock, or Halo, didn't exactly have the real guns in those games.

Also, Lanza was, what, 23 when he committed the massacre in December 2012 and his favorite game wasn't the Call of Dutys or the GTAs, but instead, Dance Dance Revolution, a non-violent dancing game, according to the investigation into the shooting.

Bottom line, the Connecticut Supreme Court made the wrong decision, and Remington should appeal to the federal courts to get it overturned. And I think SCOTUS would overturn and make the lawsuit disappear. They should also make the Sandy Hook families pay Remington for wasting their time and money and the court system's time and taxpayer money.

Face the facts, the only person responsible for the Sandy Hook shooting is Adam Lanza. No one else is. Nothing else is. It didn't matter what video games he played. He still chose to do what he did.

Also, it's disgusting that the Sandy Hook families are suing Alex Jones over the conspiracy theory that the school shooting was staged when they ostensibly believe the conspiracy theory that fake "violent" video games somehow "caused" that shooting. The Sandy Hook families are sub-human trash who have chosen a path that guarantees that those scumbags will never get closure for that tragic day in December 2012.

The other story that shows the imminent death of personal accountability happened a day later when an Australian man murdered 50 people in a mass shooting at two separate mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

And once again, not long after the news of the shooting broke, everything and everyone that could be scapegoated became a scapegoat, whether it was tangible objects like guns(New Zealand's GynoNazi prime minister Jacinda Arden's response was to call for a ban of 'military-style' semi-automatic weapons) and fake "violent" video games(the morons at Australia's version of the Daily Mail made that false claim) or people like President Donald Trump(because the shooter was a white guy and people still haven't gotten over his correct response to Charlottesville). But two new players were bizarrely scapegoated for asinine reasons.

The first new scapegoat is Felix Kjellberg, best known as Pewdiepie, because the shooter as he was committing the shooting and filming it live on Facebook yelled out "Subscribe to Pewdiepie", which has become a meme over the last few months.

The "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" meme started as the YouTube channel T-Series, which is maintained by a multimedia Bollywood company in India, started getting closer and closer to surpassing Pewdiepie as the most subscribed to channel on YouTube. (Note: I as well as my brother have done our part and subscribed to Pewdiepie.) Both Pewdiepie and the guy running the T-Series company seemingly see the meme as the joke it is. The last I had checked as of this writing, Pewdiepie had about a 8,000 subscriber lead over T-Series with both closing on 89 million subscribers apiece(which doesn't take into account whether there are a few people subscribed to both channels). Keep in mind that when the Wall Street Journal published that hitpiece against him two years ago, Pewdiepie had around 53 million subscribers on YouTube. So between the Wall Street Journal's scumfuckery and the meme battle with T-Series, Pewdiepie has gained at least 35 million more subscribers in the last two years. Pewdiepie on YouTube alone has as many subscribers as some of the biggest cable television channels.

But after the shooting in New Zealand, Twitter started suspending accounts just for tweeting "Subscribe to Pewdiepie". Really? As if Twitter hasn't already become a censorious cesspool because people don't want to use the block or mute buttons.

The other new scapegoat is a rather weird one, as Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was told to her face by a psychotic NYU student that the New Zealand shooting was somehow her fault because she dared to criticize the behavior of US Rep. Ilhan Omar(D-Minnesota). Omar, a first term representative, is a black Muslim who immigrated to the US from Somalia and has gotten into serious trouble on at least two separate occasions over the last two months because of several anti-Semitic comments she's made in public and on Twitter. The radical far left try to justify Omar's anti-Semitism by claiming that she's criticizing Israel, but technically, criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic since the nation is mostly Jewish.

In fact, the Democrats recently got a resolution in the House of Representatives condemning anti-Semitism changed to include other forms of prejudicial discrimination just to protect that racist bitch. There's a double standard when people like Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, and Louis Farrakhan can say the same things David Duke has probably said about Jewish people, yet Omar, Sarsour, and Farrakhan get a free pass from the limpdicked left because of THEIR skin color.

As I said when Alex Jones was banned by Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify and everywhere else on the mainstream internet under false pretenses, criticizing behavior is NOT "hate speech". Otherwise, criticizing the behavior of a police officer is "hate speech" because Louisiana added police officers as a protected class under hate crime law.

Also, how much further are we as a society going to be willing to blame everything and everybody other than the individual for their individual actions? I mean, I didn't see calls for live plays to be banned after President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in Ford Theatre.

We didn't see Teresa Earnhardt suing NASCAR, Daytona International Speedway, Chevrolet, or even Sterling Marlin for her husband Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s fatal crash at the 2001 Daytona 500.

We didn't see Dan Wheldon's family suing Indycar, Honda(or was he driving a Chevy?), or Las Vegas Motor Speedway for his fatal crash in an Indycar race there in 2011.

Hell, we've yet to see Heather Heyer's family sue the makers of the Dodge Challenger for her death at Charlottesville almost two years ago. Gee, I wonder why?

See the point I'm making? We're not blaming a car for the individual actions of the driver whether it be accidental or on purpose. So if that's the case, why is it a gun's fault or a fake "violent" video game's fault? The people that have that insanely liberal interpretation of cause and effect must believe that the pencil is to blame for them misspelling a word.

Face the facts, the only person responsible for the New Zealand shooting was the individual shooter. It doesn't matter what his motive was because as Jamie Kennedy's character in Scream put it, motives are incidental. And it doesn't matter what movies he watched, what music he listened to, what books he read, or what video games he played. And it doesn't even matter what videos he watched on YouTube. No one and nothing else is responsible for that man's behavior but him. Always remember that famous quote by Andrew Ryan, "What separates a man from a slave?....A man CHOOSES, a slave OBEYS."

If you don't like me, bite me.
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Is US government regulation of the Internet inevitable?

Back in August when Alex Jones and Infowars was basically banned from every major social media website, every major podcast website, and every major internet financial transaction website for "hate speech" when there was no real evidence he even broke those rules(except for Twitter, but they banned Jones from both Twitter and Periscope a month later when he confronted some worthless turd from CNN over his bans from Facebook, YouTube, and everywhere else on the internet while at a Congressional hearing in Washington, DC), I wrote that the attacks on free speech would get worse before it got better and that the United States government may end up getting involved to protect our free speech rights on the internet. The last few weeks have been the worst for free speech, and I think the US government regulating the internet is becoming more and more inevitable.

The first shoe dropped on Oct. 28th, shortly after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Because the shooter happened to have an account on viable competitor to Twitter, Gab promotes itself as a free speech alternative, though it's been falsely accused being alt-right), which the shooter used to post his anti-Semitic views(and the media tried to falsely blame President Trump even though the shooter HATED Trump for his unwavering support of Israel), Gab was falsely blamed for the shooting and got hit like Infowars was months earlier, proving game developer Mark "Grummz" Kern right when he said months ago that banning Infowars from the major sites was a test to see how far the far left can take their jihad against both free speech and the corporate legacy media industry's independent competitors.

Gab, which was already banned from both Apple's and Google's app stores, was banned from Stripe and PayPal, as well as GoDaddy and Joyent, forcing the site to close temporarily to find new hosting. It has since come out that far left groups on Twitter named Sleeping Giants and Deplatforming Hate have orchestrated these attacks on Gab, going as far as to post records of their private messages to the CEOs of Stripe and PayPal and stupidly opening themselves up to litigation in the process. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooter also had a Facebook account, but these losers didn't have the testicular fortitude to get Facebook deplatformed. This is far worse than when the Parents Television Council attacked the advertisers of WWE Smackdown in 1999-2000 over the content of WWE's Attitude Era programming.

I have said on a few occasions that these far left groups are using the exact same tactics the PTC uses, which L. Brent Bozell III, who initially founded the PTC as an offshoot of his Media Research Center, got from his father, a co-founder of National Review who was a speechwriter for Sen. Joseph McCarthy(after McCarthy was censured by the Senate over the hearings with the US Army), who also used the same tactics. For example, Parkland cult leader David Hogg going after Laura Ingraham's advertisers a month or so after the Parkland school shooting because he got mad over a tweet about TMZ reporting how he didn't get into the colleges he wanted to that she was falsely accused of mocking him for.

As I've pointed out on numerous occasions on various websites(LiveJournal, Minds, GamePolitics, even Twitter), WWE sued the PTC in November 2000 for defamation of character(and asked for either $30 million or $55 million depending on the source) over the PTC falsely blaming WWE for the deaths of children imitating the moves of the wrestlers, specifically the case of then 11-year-old Lionel Tate murdering 6-year-old Tiffany Eunick, who was one-third Tate's size at best, to get advertisers to pull their sponsorship of WWE programming. As Mick Foley pointed out in his 2nd autobiography "Foley is Good: And the Real World is Faker Than Wrestling", the PTC's fundraising video against WWE that included Tate's then-lawyer Jim Lewis falsely blaming WWE for his client's violent behavior showed more stuff from Monday Night Raw and Pay-Per-Views than from Smackdown(which only started in August 1999 after a trial episode earlier in late-April 1999). Foley also noted that the PTC's video showed him being thrown off the roof of the Hell in a Cell by the Undertaker at King of the Ring in June 1998 11 times while every other clip from WWE TV the PTC had in that video was only shown once. In April 2002, after Tate admitted in the appeal of his life sentence(and after he got new representation for the appeal) that he didn't watch wrestling(they were watching The Flintstones and Cow and Chicken) at the time of the murder, the PTC agreed to settle the lawsuit, paying WWE $3.5 million and issuing a public apology. Months before the settlement, a federal judge denied the PTC's motion to dismiss the lawsuit on First Amendment grounds, saying that the First Amendment did not protect defamation, which leads me to believe that Vince McMahon would have won that lawsuit had he not agreed to settle.

I think you can smell the gumbo I'm cooking here. I firmly believe that if Gab founder Andrew Torba filed a defamation lawsuit against Sleeping Giants, Deplatforming Hate, PayPal, Stripe, and GoDaddy, he would win. He would make Sleeping Giants wish they had stayed asleep like Rip Van Winkle. I have also said that Alex Jones could win a defamation lawsuit against YouTube for sure and Facebook as well as these same sites if he wanted to.

The second shoe dropped Wednesday when PayPal without warning disabled BitChute's ability to use it, basically banning them for no real reason. BitChute is a direct competitor to YouTube that uses BlockChain technology and is more torrent based, from my understanding from videos by Styxhexenhammer and Dave Cullen(Computing Forever).

I said on Twitter in response to Styx that the Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates the banks and Wall Street, should investigate PayPal and Stripe for their behavior against Gab, Infowars, and now BitChute, because I believe they are outright violating US banking laws. And I think PayPal and Stripe know they may be violating US banking laws, but chose to be gutless, spineless cowards kowtowing to "progressive" and corporate bullies/economic terrorists, just like how Coca-Cola, Worldcom, and other companies chickened out of sponsoring WWE programming when the Parents Television Council threatened them. Interestingly, because Styx retweeted me, somebody responded to me saying that several e-commerce websites were dropping PayPal as a payment option as they seem to think an investigation is inveitable or it's in protest of their behavior against Infowars and Gab.

I have also posted on Twitter and as a comment on one of Tim Pool's videos that SIlicon Valley has forgotten how the Federal Communications Commission was formed in the first place. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The FCC was established in 1934 because the Radio Act of 1912 failed to establish a system of property rights for radio stations with broadcasts being regularly jammed either accidentally or on purpose by a rival network. The Communications Act of 1934 basically gave the federal government ownership of all broadcasting rights on radio and later on television and giving it regulatory power through the FCC. The whole idea that "the public owns the airwaves" is nothing more than a myth. And several US Supreme Court decisions have upheld the FCC's regulatory power over AM/FM radio and broadcast TV(but not so much satellite radio or cable TV since they are pay services).

As I said in August, there are huge double standards in how these websites enforce their terms of service based on race, gender, sexual orientation, financial status, celebrity status, religious beliefs, and especially political beliefs. Terms of service that are intentionally vague when the people running the websites have very broad terms in constitutes a violation of those terms and it's just like how the United States Supreme Court defines pornography, which is "I know it when I see it". The main reason why I think that the US government will end up regulating the internet is because the Silicon Valley oligarchs that run Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, Stripe, etc. can no longer be trusted to regulate themselves in a manner that is fair to every user on their websites.

Problem is, we can't really trust the government to do regulate the internet either. Remember Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004? The FCC's double standards in how it enforced its rules ultimately led Howard Stern to go to satellite radio when his contract with Infinity Broadcasting ran out. Specifically, he got fined for shows he did in 2001 that led Clear Channel to drop his show on radio stations they owned in Florida(which Jack Thompson claimed responsibility for that move, goiing as far as to use a Stern quote about him on the cover of his failed book) in the immediate aftermath. Later, he got fined for another show in 2001 where he described various sex acts, yet Oprah Winfrey does the exact same thing on her TV talk show that same week the fine against Stern was issued with just as many viewers as Stern had listenersa and at various timeslots in which children were likely to be home from school just like Stern's radio show, and the FCC(which was led at the time by Michael Powell, the son of Colin Powell) didn't fine her and made lame excuses for why they didn't. The double standard was first pointed out by Jimmy Kimmel on his late night talk show, but Stern wasn't even allowed by his radio station to play the clip of Oprah and her guest describing a "rainbow party".

That is why we need an internet bill of rights(and a declaration of internet independence) that expands the rights of free speech and privacy to make sure that Silicon Valley, the governments of the various nations around the world(especially China and the European Union), and the corporate legacy media conglomerates(especially the news media and the entertainment industry) play fair.
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Thoughts on the 2018 Midterm Elections: The Magenta Wave & Louisiana's future

After Election Day, the voters of the United States decided that the waves would not be sapphire blue or ruby red and left the country with a split Congress in January. The Democrats were rewarded with control of the House of Representatives despite the neverending temper tantrum they and the far left have thrown for the past two years after Donald Trump won the Presidency, while the Republicans not only retained the Senate, they strengthened their majority in the upper chamber. But President Trump may still wind up the biggest winner of all.

The Democrats will end up gaining about 34 seats in the House when they needed 23 to take control, but it was still roughly half of the seats they lost in 2010 during Barack Obama's first term(63 seats) and about two-thirds of the seats they lost in 1994 during Bill Clinton's first term(52 seats). It was also below the average number of seats the President's party loses in their first term(an average of 37 seats). It is disingenuous for Democrats like Nancy Pelosi to claim after they won the House to want bipartisanship when they wanted nothing to do with Trump and the Republicans for the last two years even after Steve Scalise was shot by a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter.

However, it was a much different story in the Senate with the Republicans gaining three seats as the Democrats in states Trump won in 2016 were penalized for their votes against confirming Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the US Supreme Court. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, and Bill Nelson of Florida all lost to their Republican challengers(though Nelson will get an automatic recount since he lost by around 34,000 votes and Broward County is doing its best to screw over Rick Scott by finding extra "votes"; then again, it is the same county that had a school shooting this year that could have easily been prevented in the first place by the Sheriff's Office there), while Jon Tester of Montana barely held on to his seat. The one Democrat that voted for Kavanaugh, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, won his re-election bid.

Republicans also retained seats that were vacated by the retirements of Bob Corker of Tennessee(Marsha Blackburn beat a Democrat endorsed by Taylor Swift, which shows that Swift continues to have bad luck with men), Orrin Hatch of Utah(Mitt Romney easily won), and Jeff Flake of Arizona(Martha McSally was holding about a 16,000 vote lead over Democrat Kyrsten Sinema at the time of this writing), though Dean Heller of Nevada lost his re-election bid to his Democratic challenger, and Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi will be in a runoff election to retain her seat.

Ted Cruz held on to his seat against scumbag Beta O'Rourke, who everybody on the far left from Hollywood to the news media were trying to push as the second coming of Obama and raised $70 million for his failed campaign. Almost immediately after O'Rourke lost, idiots like Alyssa Milano were pushing for him to run for President in 2020 even though he'd have no chance.

Ultimately, the predictions of the so-called blue wave were off. To me, a blue wave suggests the Democrats winning both houses by far bigger numbers. Instead, they'll have a roughly 12 seat majority in the House at most and the GOP will potentially have 54 seats in the Senate, the Republicans got more conservative and they support President Trump more and more. The Democrats also lost two high profile governor's races in Florida(after Democratic Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillam falsely accused Rep. Ron DeSantis of racism early in the campaign because DeSantis used the term "monkeying up" to describe Gillam's socialist politics) and Georgia(Stacey Abrams lost her bid to become the first black woman to be governor of Georgia despite getting former President Barack Obama's and Oprah Winfrey's endorsements though she has refused to concede, becoming the black female Roy Moore in the process).

The worst part is that we, as a nation through our votes, only showed that the political divide has widened further and we consented to two more years of potential partisan gridlock in Washington, DC. While the far left scumbags in Hollywood and the news media want the Democrats to be vindictive and go all in with investigation after investigation of Trump and his administration and not play nice at all, that would be a huge mistake for the Democrats. The American people ultimately want both parties to work together for the good of America. And not only are they getting increasingly tired of the partisanship and the political divide, they are increasingly getting tired of Robert Mueller's investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. A CNN exit poll showed 54% of American people surveyed see the probe as politically motivated.

Also, I agree with Scoot of WWL Radio that Nancy Pelosi getting a second run as Speaker of the House would benefit President Trump and the Republicans a lot more than it would the Democrats. Trump does better when he has a foil to work with and Pelosi would be the perfect patsy for him. As Dennis Miller pointed out on Twitter, "Paul Ryan is ostensibly a friend who can only make Trump look bad. Pelosi is an enemy who can only make Trump look good." And if the House Democrats push for President Trump's impeachment for what amounts to no reason at all, especially if Mueller announces in the next two months that he found no evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia and even says that President Trump gave him full access to look into EVERYTHING, it will fail because the Republicans in the Senate will not vote against President Trump, just as the Democrats basically refused to vote against Bill Clinton in 1998 when he got impeached. Even with Trump firing Jeff Sessions by basically getting him to resign as US Attorney General the day after the midterms.

As Styxhexenhammer666 said before the midterms, Trump can simply blame the Democrats if nothing gets done for the next two years and the Democrats winning the House Tuesday night not only increased Trump's already high chances of re-election in 2020, if the Democrats refuse to play nice and work with the GOP on key issues, they'll lose the House back to the GOP in 2020.

If anything, the wave was more magenta than red or blue. Trump will have an easier time getting appointments approved by the Senate including Supreme Court justices(the Grim Reaper's clock is ticking faster for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, though I think Clarence Thomas will go ahead and retire to let Trump appoint a younger conservative in his place), but the House will test his ability to make deals if the Democrats will even work with him.

At the end of the day, we should still be Americans first and everything else shouldn't matter.

Quick thoughts on 2018 Midterm elections in Louisiana

Decided to make this separate from the main midterm blog. Here in Louisiana, it was for the most part a quiet year. Just the House races in which all six of the incumbents won re-election against token opposition. Steve Scalise, Garret Graves, and Cedric Richmond all won with over 70% of the vote.

The biggest issue on the ballot here was an amendment to the state constitution that would require a jury to render a unanimous verdict for a conviction in all felony cases that don't have the death penalty instead of needing just 10 of the 12 jurors that got bipartisan support and national attention from celebrities like John Legend(who wrote an op-ed published by various newspapers in the state). The amendment passed along with five other amendments to the Louisiana state constitution(including one that bars convicted felons from holding public office).

Also, 47 of the 64 parishes, including Terrebonne Parish, voted to allow parish residents to bet money to play on DraftKings, FanDuel, and other fantasy sports sites starting next year. Sports betting is something to keep an eye on in the near future as Louisiana will be looking to generate more revenue and Mississippi has already started allowing sports betting at their casinos almost immediately after the Supreme Court overturned federal law limiting the practice to Nevada last term.

Here in Terrebonne, the voters rejected a proposed half-cent sales tax to pay for putting a sheriff's deputy in every school in the parish as a response to the high profile school shootings in the last year, mainly because we're already paying the highest sales taxes in the state to pay for the Morganza to the Gulf hurricane protection levees that we're still trying to get federal funding for. Plus, Louisiana already has the highest sales taxes in the US mainly because of the state's budget issues since Bobby Bitchcakes Jindal's 2nd term.

Going into the future, Louisiana will have its governor's race next year with Gov. John Bel Edwards up for re-election. I think his odds of winning right now are slightly less than 50% and depending on who runs against him(one no-name Republican already announced his candidacy), those odds will drop considerably. While it helps Edwards that he is not a prototypical Democrat in that he is much more conservative in being anti-abortion(he signed into law further restrictions on abortion) and pro-gun, it also hurts him in that regard. It's possible that the national Democrats might take advantage of our open election system where everybody is on the ballot on election day to push a more "progressive" Democrat to try and challenge Edwards. However, with Louisiana being a solid ruby red Southern state and Edwards being the only really major name brand Democrat across the state, it would be a tough sell outside of New Orleans and maybe Baton Rouge. Former New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu would probably have the best shot among Louisiana Democrats if they wanted to challenge Edwards, but he's got Presidential aspirations for 2020.

Another issue Edwards will have that all Democrats will have is that fewer people are registering as Democrats and voting Democrat. Outside of Cedric Richmond, a black man representing New Orleans and the head of the Congressional Black Caucus in DC, no other Democrat in the House races in Louisiana cracked 20% of the vote. Nationally, most moderate Democrats are leaving the party because they don't like the far left direction the party is going in.

Republican US Senator John Kennedy has expressed interest in running against Edwards(it's been reported that he'll make a final decision by the end of November) and there was talk on election night that Steve Scalise might consider running for governor as well. While they would split the Republican vote if both decided to run, neither would have the baggage David Vitter had in 2015. Besides his own conservative views, Edwards benefitted from Vitter being in the DC Madam sex scandal while serving as US Senator in Washington and from some ads that a superPAC that supported Vitter ran the day after the ISIS terrorist attack in Paris during the runoff period.

Also, Kennedy would get to pick his own successor to the Senate if he becomes governor. Louisiana would then end up with two Senate elections in 2020, one with Bill Cassidy up for re-election and the other a special election to finish Kennedy's term.
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An idea for the Internet Bill of Rights

This is just an idea for an internet bill of rights that Styxhexenhammer666 has been calling for. I'm probably forgetting something in this.

The Internet Bill of Rights

1) The rights under the First, Fourth, & Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America are expanded to the internet by virtue of the internet's exponential and infinite expansion of the public square.

2) United States case law on free speech must apply to every website on the internet, not just the websites owned and operated in the United States.

3) United States case law on copyright must apply to every website on the internet, not just the websites owned and operated in the United States. Fair use applies to everything on the internet and copyright holders must show proof beyond reasonable doubt that their copyright was violated by a content creator. If it is determined that a copyright holder failed to show evidence that their copyright was violated beyond reasonable doubt or willfully "false flagged" content, the content creator is awarded monetary damages from the copyright holder. (A "loser pays" system.)

4) A website's rules(terms of service) must be clearly outlined with clear definitions of those terms and must apply equally to all users and all content on the website regardless of the individual user's race, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, religious beliefs, celebrity status, financial status, etc.

5) A user on a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other websites like them cannot be outright banned from the sites for any reason. If a user on a website faces a suspension from a social media website for any reason, the user has the right to appeal the decision through both the website in question and independent third party arbitration if appeal through website is unsuccessful, including the right to face the users or third parties that reported the actions of the user in question that led to that user's suspension in open arbitration and the right to an expedited procedure. The user facing suspension has the option to appeal directly to an independent third party arbriter instead of to the website in question.

6) A website cannot ban or suspend a user from that website for that user's actions on another website(even a website that is owned by the same company that owns the website in question) or even for behavior in public. (That means Twitch can't ban someone for their behavior on Twitter or YouTube can't ban someone for their behavior on Facebook. Likewise, Facebook cannot ban someone from both Facebook and Instagram.)

7) Websites are barred from colluding with other websites or third parties(including representatives of any government in the world including law enforcement agencies) to get one user or website deplatformed from every website. (the Alex Jones/Gab rule)

8) Websites are barred from "shadowbanning" their users or their content for any reason.

9) Websites are barred from selling the private data of their users to other websites, platforms, private corporations, or governments. The only time a user's private data can be accessed by local, state, or national government/law enforcement is by court order/search warrant.

10) Third party corporations such as financial institutions(including all banks, credit unions, & credit card companies), private utility companies, homeowner associations(landlords), NGO's, etc. are barred from denying services to internet users for their behavior online, whether those users are unanonymous or not.

11) Employers are barred from asking their employees or prospective employees for their internet history or for access to said employee's social media accounts. Employers are also barred from firing or punishing any employee for their alleged behavior online.

12) Websites, users, & other third parties are barred from "doxxing" other users.

13) All sovereign nations are barred from forcing users of video streaming websites like YouTube, Twitch, BitChute, etc. to pay for licenses issued by said sovereign nation to specifically stream content on those sites. (aka the Germany rule)

14) Any video streaming website that offers content creators an opportunity to share profits from advertising revenue must give those content creators a fair share of that revenue. Video streaming websites are barred from "demonetizing" users for any reason and are barred from giving preferential treatment to traditional media outlets like CNN, New York Times, the BBC, etc.

15) Websites are not responsible for the content uploaded onto their platforms, only the individual users are. Also, both the websites and their users are not responsible for the actions and behavior of the individual users' fans and other viewers of their content.
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Don't Fear The Reaper For He Is Only Collecting What The Radical Left Has Been Sowing

Another week, another instance of how the current political rhetoric is escalating into potential violence. This past week, a series of packages containing what appeared to be pipe bombs were sent through the mail to the offices of almost a dozen prominent Democrats or far left Democratic supporters including Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, Rep. Maxine Waters, Sen. Cory Booker, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA director John Brennan, former director of national intelligence James Clapper, actor Robert De Niro, and George Soros. And more may still be in the mail even though the man who mailed the packages has been arrested.

Yeah, it's quite a collection of demented far left scumbags, and the equally demented van person who sent the packages was caught near Miami, Florida. And yeah, the members of the tabloid trash corporate legacy news media are masturbating furiously as this generation's version of the Unabomber appears to be a strong supporter of President Donald Trump since they and their Democrat overlords can falsely blame Trump and the Republican Party for the bomb scare(and for the recent shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday) even though the suspected Demobomber's motive is still unknown as of this writing. It is also unknown if this guy has any accomplices.

But President Trump is not and never was to blame for this incident or any of the political violence that has cropped up in the last two years since he won the Presidency. The would-be Demobomber is the only one responsible for his actions and it does not matter what his political ideology is or what politicians he supports, just as it never matters what movies, TV shows, or video games someone watches or plays. You still choose how you act in society. Trump has always been a product and not the cause of the worsening political tribalism in the United States and abroad over the last five years or so. However, that hasn't stopped certain people from blaming Trump, the GOP, and other right-wing groups and people for it.

While it's possible that the Democrats may get sympathy votes in the upcoming midterm elections, it's hard to have sympathy for bullies. Since even before President Trump took office, the Democrats have been shifting further and further to the left and have justified and even outright encouraged the violent behavior exhibited by the radical left over the last two years starting with Richard Spencer being suckerpunched on Inauguration Day 2017. While it looks like every person that received these bombs in the mail were all highly critical of President Trump, his behavior, and his policies to say the least, some of these same people have participated in the very rhetoric they criticize President Trump for fostering. For example:

-Joe Biden and Robert De Niro have each expressed wanting to physically assault President Trump. At the Tony Awards earlier this summer, De Niro even announced on stage "Fuck Donald Trump". De Niro also did a deranged interview on the equally deranged Alec Baldwin's new show on ABC a couple of weeks ago.

-Racist bitch Maxine Waters has not only called for Trump's impeachment for no real legitimate reason whatsoever, she has specifically called for the targeted harassment of every official within the Trump administration after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was refused service at a restaurant in Virginia this summer.

-Hillary Clinton, still angry and bitter over losing to Trump in 2016 when she wanted him as the Republican candidate because her campaign thought it would be an easy win(see the Podesta e-mails on Wikileaks), has also called for the targeted harassment of Republicans in a recent interview with CNN's Christine Amanapour saying that the Republicans didn't deserve civility even though the Democrats and the left have been the uncivil ones the last two years.

-Eric Holder did virtually the same thing the same week of Hillary's CNN interview by telling a crowd at a campaign headquarters, "When they go low, we kick them", in reference to former First Lady Michelle Obama's speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention where she said "When they go low, we go high". It should be pointed out that Mrs. Obama denounced both Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder's comments in an interview with NBC's Today show later that week.

-While John Brennan and James Clapper have both called for Trump's removal from office, the packages that were addressed to them were sent to CNN's headquarters in New York City, which Clapper currently is a correspondent for and Brennan used to work for(Brennan's now with MSNBC). CNN and several of its anchors and pundits including Chris Cuomo(the brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo), racist Don Lemon, and racist bitch Symone Sanders have defended the violent behavior of the radical left over the last two years with Cuomo even defending Antifa. Lemon and other black guests on his show even made racist statements about Kanye West on the network over West's enthusiastic support of President Trump. CNN has also behaved in a manner that only proves President Trump right when he calls the news media "the enemy of the American people". And it hasn't helped CNN's TV ratings at all as they've tanked in the last two years. Even CNN founder Ted Turner has said he doesn't like the direction they've gone in. Makes one wonder if Turner regrets selling Turner Broadcasting to Time Warner and later merging with AOL.

-Billionaire George Soros, who's not even American, has donated millions of dollars to far left ideolouges and far left groups that have engaged in harassment and assault of Republicans and other right wing groups and parties here in the US and abroad, as well as funding the groups like Right Wing Watch that trying to censor the internet.

Yet it's somehow President Trump's words to blame for political violence today? Actions have always spoken louder than words ever could. As I said last year, the radical left has chosen to engage in and encourage violent behavior because of their irrational hatred of President Donald Trump. I also said last year on Twitter that when you make it OK to suckerpunch Richard Spencer for his beliefs, you make it equally OK to suckerpunch Anita Sarkessian for her beliefs. The radical left's problem is that while they see everybody that even slightly disagrees with them as "Nazis", by acting like the very Nazis they claim to be against, the radical left are being seen as the Nazis. When you spend the last two years defending Antifa and justifying violence against people just because you don't agree with their political beliefs, you have no room to complain when a radical on the other side decides to start playing by your rules. You reap what you sow.

After Rep. Steve Scalise(R-Louisiana) was shot by James Henderickson, a 66 year old Bernie Sanders supporter, last June at a softball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, it was hoped that it would be the turning point against the political tribalism and bridge the political divide. However, it's very difficult when one side, the radical left in particular, acts like a religious cult and refuses to engage in civil discussion of the issues. It doesn't help when far left elected officials like the mayors of Berekley, California and Portland, Oregon gives support to the radical leftist groups like Antifa. And the insanity over Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the US Supreme Court showed the world the dark heart of the radical left and the Democrats, as Sargon of Akkad put it. It showed the world that the radical left and their enablers no longer respect everything the United States and Western Civilization as a whole stands for.

The only way the current trend of political tribalism will end is when moderate Democrats finally find the testicular fortitude to start denouncing Antifa and the radical left. It is not on President Trump to tone down his rhetoric when the radical left refuses to tone down theirs.
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The Ugly Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings Shows the Self-Destruction of the Democrats

On October 6th, DC Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court shortly after the US Senate voted 50-48 to confirm his nomination after a series of the ugliest confirmation hearings in American history that included completely false allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh by three different women. However, the Democrats are mistaken if they think that Kavanaugh's confirmation will help them win the midterm elections. If anything, their behavior throughout the process didn't just hurt them, it hurt everything associated with them.

Even before President Donald Trump named Kavanaugh to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on July 9th, the Democrats were going to be against anybody Trump nominated, using every excuse they could think of, like "It's an election year" or "Trump's under investigation and shouldn't nominate anybody until it ends." Gee, wasn't Bill Clinton under investigation when he nominated either Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Stephen Breyer to the US Supreme Court?

The Democrats and their allies did everything in their power to ruin Kavanaugh's reputation. They tried to paint him as far right at first, even further right than the late Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas. However, NBC News killed that narrative when they reported about 24 hours after the announcement that Justice Kennedy, a moderate, signed off on Judge Kavanaugh being his replacement, partly since Kavanaugh was once a law clerk under Kennedy.

The initial confirmation hearings became a circus with so many paid anti-Kavanaugh protestors sneaking into the room to disrupt the proceedings, which begged the question why the hearings were even open to the general public in the first place, that Kavanaugh's wife and young daughters were moved out of that room for their own protection.

Then the far left tried to paint Kavanaugh as "uncaring towards victims of gun violence" because gun control scumbag Fred Guttenberg(whose daughter was killed earlier this year in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida) tried to walk up to Kavanaugh during one of the recesses only to be turned away by security, then he falsely claimed that Kavanuagh refused to shake his hand. Even if that were remotely true, I wouldn't have shaken that motherfucker's hand either. Mainly because I find people like Guttenberg to be lower than canine feces since he and others have or are attempting to politically and financially profit off his daughter's death. It'd be like how Mick Foley said in his first autobiography that he felt a feeling of shame when he shook the hand of the guy that murdered Bruiser Brody and got away with it.

About a week after the initial confirmation hearings, when it became obvious that Kavanaugh still had the votes to be confirmed, they went back to what sunk actual religious zealot Roy Moore's US Senate bid last December: allegations of sexual misconduct whether those accusations are true or not because the far left lynch mob doesn't care if it's true or not.

The first accusations against Judge Kavanaugh were leaked to the tabloid trash news media most likely by Sen. Dianne Feinstein(D-California) or a member of her staff since she sat on the letter by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford sent to her in July about the incident while both were still in high school and Feinstein claims she's the only person in the US Senate who knew about the letter because Dr. Ford wanted the allegations kept confidential. If that is the case and if Sen. Feinstein truly believed Dr. Ford's claims, why didn't Feinstein go directly to the FBI and ask for an investigation until it became politically convienent to do so? Wouldn't that be considered aiding and abetting Judge Kavanaugh?

The first accusation against Kavanaugh also exposed how the Democrats and the far left no longer respect the constitutional right of due process under the law and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Scumbags like Sen. Kristen Gillibrand(D-New York) and Sen. Mazie Hirono(D-Hawaii) outright said they believed the allegations without seeing any evidence at all. Hypocrite Hirono even said that "all men should shut up and step up", even though she shut up and did nothing while her friend Sen. Daniel Inuoye(D-Hawaii) was himself accused of sexual misconduct. Then they tried to say Kavanuagh has the burden of proof because he's not actually on trial or some bullshit like that. That's wrong.

When Dr. Ford finally agreed to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee after about a week of negotiations, a second woman, Deborah Ramirez, tells Ronan Farrow at The New Yorker that Kavanaugh exposed his Mr. Cocko at a party in college. So he pulled a Ric Flair. Whatever. Then a third woman, Julie Swetnick, with Stormy Daniels' creepy attorney Michael Avenatti in tow, makes a claim so ridiculously over the top that it actually damaged the credibility of both Dr. Ford's and Miss Ramirez's allegations. Swetnick's allegation was that Kavanaugh regularly hosted parties in college where he and his friends would get girls so drunk and drugged up that every guy that wanted a turn with the girl could get a turn, so to speak. The thing that made Swetnick's claim unbelievable was that she claimed to have gone to TEN of these parties and she just so happened to be the victim in the tenth party that she went to.

Any rational thinking person would look at that and say, "if you knew what was going on in the first party, why did you keep going to these parties in the first place? Or even call the police?" These were the questions Senators Lindsey Graham(R-South Carolina) and Susan Collins(R-Maine) had. I mean, somebody on 4chan claimed he and his girlfriend pranked Avenatti. That alone made me question the credibility of the third accuser. But if the Democrats and the far left thought that Kavanaugh or President Trump would be shamed into withdrawing his name from consideration, they were foolish to think that.

On Sept. 27th, the hearing into Dr. Ford allegations came and went and it's not every day when you get to witness a live reinactment of the Salem Witch Trials. I tuned out on her testimony because all it really became was the Republicans asking questions through a special prosecutor from Arizona who specializes in sexual assault cases and the Democrats being more interested in kissing her ass. When Judge Kavanaugh began his testimony and denied all allegations against him, all hell broke loose. After Sen. Dick Durbin(D-Illinois) basically tried to get Kavanaugh to call the FBI on himself, Sen. Graham went all fire and fury on the Democrats, calling the proceedings a "political sham" and telling the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, "I hope to God you never get power."

Sen. Orrin Hatch(R-Utah), who is retiring at the end of his term in January like Sen. Jeff Flake(R-Arizona) is, said that he never thought that it would get worse than the confirmation hearings for Robert Bork or Clarence Thomas. Sen. Ted Cruz(R-Texas) called for an investigation into Sen. Feinstein's handling of Dr. Ford's allegations, which Sen. Graham would later call for himself. Hell, I think someone(might have been Sen. Hatch from what aI remember) also quoted the Senator that told Rep. Joe McCarthy way back when, "Have you no decency? Have you no decency at all?"

Sen. Cory Booker(D-New Jersey) was the worst of the Democrats that day. I initially disagreed with Styxhexenhammer666 that Booker should have been expelled from the Senate for his weird "I am Spartacus" moment during the first hearings where he released documents that he claimed to show that Kavanaugh supported racial profiling because it would just make the Jace Turner* clone a martyr, but his behavior Sept. 27th made me change my mind on that. Booker asked Kavanaugh if he wished Dr. Ford never came forward with her allegations. Kavanaugh didn't answer and I wouldn't have answered that leading question either. Then again, by the Democrats' own standards, since Cory Booker admitted to groping a girl in high school, if Kavanaugh's not fit to sit on the Supreme Court based on something that allegedly happened in high school, then Booker is equally unfit to be in the Senate and should resign his seat like Al Franken did.

The next day, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-10 on party lines to forward the nomination to the full Senate, but after the vote, Sen. Flake asked for a week-long FBI investigation on Dr. Ford's allegations, presumably after he was accosted in an elevator by a woman claiming to be a sexual assault survivor(it has since come out that the woman was a paid protester by a group funded by scumbag George Soros; seriously, President Trump should do like Obama did and sic the IRS on Soros and every group he's giving money to; Does anybody still think the Citizens United case was a good decision by the US Supreme Court?). Which President Trump did order since Kavanaugh wouldn't have had the votes to be confirmed without it.

On Oct. 4th, the FBI released its findings to the full Senate(not the public), and it went about as expected. Most Republicans saw that there was no evidence to corroborate Dr. Ford's claims and the Democrats making excuses(as I predicted), whining that the investigation was incomplete and a sham. Then they tried to use Kavanaugh's behavior and temperment at the second hearing as another desperate excuse for voting against Kavanaugh.

So, because of Sen. Feinstein leaking allegations of sexual assault against him without any evidence to back those claims, a crime he fully believes in his heart he did NOT do, and everybody who does not know him personally completely shitting on him and fully believe his accusers without any evidence to back up those claims over him, Brett Kavanaugh doesn't get to lash out at his attackers or even get to face his accusers? What, Kavanaugh is supposed to act like Kevin Bacon in Animal House and say "Thank you, sir, may I have another?" I don't blame him for lashing out against the Democrats.

Ultimately the vote was 50-48 because one Republican senator was unable to vote since he was going to his daughter's wedding and Sen. Lisa Murkowski(R-Alaska) chose not to vote either way. One Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin(West Virginia) voted to confirm Kavanaugh along with Sen. Flake and Sen. Collins, who had a speech on the Senate floor after the cloture vote the day before explaining why she planned to vote yes to Kavanaugh by outlining and dissecting every aspect of the allegations against him. Every witness Dr. Ford claimed was in the house with her either didn't remember or denied everything she alleged. At least two different men told the committee that Dr. Ford might be mistaking Judge Kavanuagh for them, even though she claims that she was 100% certain it was Kavanaugh. Dr. Ford couldn't even remember how she left the party or even got to the party in the first place. The prosecutor the GOP brought in to do the questioning for them told them that Dr. Ford gave her less evidence than a normal "he said, she said" case.

While the Democrats, their supporters, and their paid-off fake protestors continue their temper tantrum, they fail to realize that they awoke sleeping dragons. Sen. Lindsey Graham was seen as the recently deceased Sen. John McCain's puppet, but since McCain succumbed to his brain tumor, it seems like Graham regained his balls and brains. If the Republican base weren't already energized and angered by the Democrats' behavior before the Kavanaugh confirmation insanity, they are now. And not only did they piss off the Republicans, they pissed off the independents and even moderate Democrats who are tired of their fellow moderates' kowtowing to the far left regressive socialists like idiotic scumbag Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, racist ideologues like Mad Maxine Waters, or their psycho supporters like everybody in Hollywood. When an idiot writer for Stephen Colbert's late night talk show tweets that he was glad that Justice Kavanuagh's life was ruined by these false allegations, it shows rational thinking people how unhinged some of these people really are becoming, moreso since President Trump won in 2016.

These false allegations against Justice Kavanaugh also irreparably damaged the so-called #MeToo movement, which is starting to be seen as the witch hunt that Paul Joseph Watson and others were warning us about when Roy Moore was falsely accused of sexual misconduct. Notice how those allegations disappeared the minute Moore conceded the US Senate election and when he sued the accusers for defamation of chacter. Which I think Kavanaugh should consider doing to Ford, Swetnick, and Ramirez. It's interesting that Dr. Ford has stated through her attorneys(who were recommended to her by Sen. Feinstein to begin with) that she does not want Kavanaugh impeached from the Supreme Court if Democrats did somehow retake control of the House of Representatives.

I find it funny that the left has already started eating itself in the wake of Kavanaugh's confirmation and swearing in. They started going after Michael Avenatti. The New York Times posts an op-ed blaming all white women because more white women voted for Donald Trump in the last Presidential election.

I think it's time for every one of these protesters to put down the crackpipe, grow up, and get a real life.

*-I think Cory "Tears of Rage" Booker has an uncanny resemblence to the guy that plays former Sentinel Services agent Jace Turner on the Fox TV show The Gifted.
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Nike's Embrace Of Colin Kaepernick Another Example of "Get Woke, Go Broke"

Nike's Embrace Of Colin Kaepernick Another Example of "Get Woke, Go Broke"

The spectre of the NFL's Anthemgate continues to rear his ugly face when Nike announced a new advertising campaign to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their original "Just Do It" campaign with scumbag Colin Kaepernick as the main face of the campaign. While the campaign also features Serena Williams & LeBron James(another brain-dead idiot ideologue), the inclusion of Kaepernick drew the most ire.

Just as many NFL fans burned their team gear last year after the NFL players protested the National Anthem(the form of protest Kaepernick started the year before for bullshit reasons) in response to President Donald Trump calling the protesting players SOB's at a campaign rally in Alabama(which in turn destroyed what little credibilty those initial protests had to begin with), people started burning their Nike products in protest of the company's promotion of Kaepernick, who is and always will be perceived as anti-American regardless of his reasons for protesting the way he did. Perception is reality regardless of what the actual truth of the matter is.

Nike's ad with Kaepernick included the tagline "Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything", which is highly laughable when applied to Kaepernick. What exactly has Colin Kaepernick sacrificed? His football career? That was more seppaku than sacrifice. He could have signed with Seattle or Baltimore last season to be a backup to Super Bowl champion quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Joe Flacco, but for whatever reason, he chose not to. Instead, he wants to claim that all 32 NFL teams are colluding against him to cover for the cold, hard fact that he was never that good of a QB to begin with. And the ad and the tagline has become an internet meme. Even Donald Trump Jr. made fun of it by replacing Kaepernick with his father President Trump.

And Nike had the nerve to defend Kaepernick, calling the scumbag "an inspirational figure". What a laugh. What exactly has Colin Kaepernick inspired? The furthering of the political divide, for one thing. Also, NFL fans turning away from the league in droves because of Roger Goodell not having the balls to suspend Kaepernick or any other player that refuses to stand for the national anthem. If anything, Kaepernick is more of a negative inspiration than a positive one.

Not long after the Nike clusterfuck, Levi Strauss, the maker of Levi's jeans, announced that they were going to start working with the gun control Nazis, which immediately drew the ire of supporters of the Second Amendment.

NIke's new advertising campaign and the negative response to it is another example of what YouTuber The Quartering, joined by Sargon of Akkad, Louis Le Vau, and Razorfist, has called "Get Woke, Go Broke" in that when a corporation engages in and advocates for far left political ideology, they don't make as much money as they once did as people start boycotting their products, in part because the quality of the product suffers from the infusion of the far left ideology in the product by far left ideologues hired by the company in the first place for diversity purposes. Examples of this can be seen within the entertainment industry in recent years, specifically the Star Wars franchise since Disney bought Lucasfilm(especially after the releases of the last two Star Wars movies, The Last Jedi and Solo, within the last year), the Ghostbusters namemake in 2016, and the American and European video game industry since Gamergate. Look at the NFL in the last few years since Kaepernick started acting no differently than the Westboro Baptist Church. As my brother put it, these corporations have chosen to commit commercial suicide.

And getting "woke" could lead to government intervention even if the intervention is ultimately unconstitutional. On Sept. 10th, a memo the mayor of Kenner, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans, sent out on Sept. 5th was made public basically banning the recreation department from using Nike products or receiving them from boosters. And unsurprisingly, certain members of the public whined and protested the Kenner mayor's decision. Including current New Orleans Saints players Terron Armstead and Cameron Jordan. Two days later, the mayor of Kenner rescinded the ban on Nike products, though there still racist assclown SJW's in the area still calling for the mayor to resign over the attempted Nike ban.

On August 24th, the Houma Courier published an op-ed by an idiot named Marianne Stanley where the former lawyer/college professor/journalist (three strikes, you're out) spent the second half of the op-ed whining about the Louisiana Bond Commission's recent vote to block Bank of America and Citigroup from underwriting $600 million in infrastructure bonds at the behest of its former chairman, former state treasurer and current US Senator John Kennedy, as a response to the two banks' decision after the Parkland, FL school shooting on Valentine's Day to refuse banking services to businesses that work with guns.

Bank of America stopped lending to gun manufacturers that make AR-15s and other guns like them, while Citigroup no longer provides banking service to businesses that sell guns to customers under 21(something that violates the US Constitution since 18 is considered an adult; if you can buy a house at 18, you should be able to buy guns to defend that house), don't require background checks for gun sales, or sells high capacity magazines.

I would assume that Bank of America and Citigroup are violating federal banking laws with these new policies, but apparently not or it's in a grey area, as Sen. Kennedy has suggested that he is working with fellow members of the Senate Banking Committee on federal legislation to stop the banks from enacting policies that discriminate against businesses just because these banks don't like what a business sells to its customers in a form of corporate peer pressure. Maybe this legislation will also apply to discriminating against people based on political beliefs, like what Mastercard did to the people running Jihad Watch?

Keep in mind that even though he's currently serving his first term in the US Senate and was just elected in 2016 after winning a runoff election, Sen. Kennedy is rumored to be seriously considering a run for governor of Louisiana next year against incumbent Democrat John Bel Edwards and Kennedy used this to further speculation of a 2019 gubernatorial bid.

Unsurprisingly, Mrs. Stanley showed her support for cultural Marxism when she criticized Sen. Kennedy for not giving praise to her corporate god-I mean, to those, in her words, "socially conscious" and "compassionate" banks for "looking out for young people" among other things.

As I stated in the last blog, corporations are capitalist ventures only in it for the money. As such, they are supposed to be amoral and not push their political views down the throats of the public, whether it's left wing companies like Time Warner, Google, and Facebook or right wing companies like Chik-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby.

It's hypocritical for Mrs. Stanley to criticize Sen. Kennedy for basically calling for other states to join Louisiana in basically boycotting those two banks when, in her very first op-ed for the Houma Courier published on Feb. 22nd(after the Parkland school shooting), she called for a boycott of fake "violent" video games after falsely blaming them for the school shooting. And there are at least two double standards in play here:

1) If a company does something I disagree with, I have every right to tell that company to kiss my ass and take my business elsewhere. If Nike starts promoting Colin Kaepernick and other crybabies like LeBron James and Serena Williams(especially after Serena tried to justify her on-court behavior in the women's final of the US Open Sept. 8th), then I can stop buying Nike products and start buying more products by Reebok, Adidas, or Under Armour. And it shouldn't matter if it's a sitting US Senator, a mayor of a New Orleans suburb, or an average citizen telling Nike or Bank of America to go pound sand. If it's OK for far left scumbags to protest against right wing groups like the National Rifle Association, then it's equally OK for people aren't far left to protest against left wing groups or far left ideology.

2) The far left thinks that any criticism of their beliefs or any company that promotes their beliefs is somehow invalid for one reason or another. My response to this is simple. If you want me to watch the shows then support those shows by buying every piece of merchandise you produce, pay $60 for a video game, or pay about that much at a movie theater between the movie, the popcorn, the soft drinks, and the candy to go see a movie that will be released on DVD three months later, then buy that $20 DVD/BluRay combo pack, you're damn right I'll be pretty hard to impress. And when you sell me stuff that both suck and blow at the same time like a vacuum cleaner, then tell me that I'm both wrong and somehow a bad person just for having that opinion, I'm going to tell you to go lick a llama's anus.

Marianne Stanley can't tell the readers of the Houma Courier to "Look beyond the fear-mongering and untruths that are causing unnecessary pain and injustice" when she just as much participates in fear-mongering and promoting untruths when it comes to products she doesn't like. Maybe she should practice what she preaches and pay attention herself since "nodding without thinking" isn't as beneath her as she'd like us to believe.

And, oh, by the way, Marianne........the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting! It never did! But I guess constitutional law wasn't her expertise as a lawyer or as a college professor.

Get Woke, Go Broke. If you don't like me, bite me.

Link to Houma Courier op-ed mentioned in this blog:
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The Mainstream News Media Continues to Prove President Trump Right About Them

Last year, I mentioned how the corporate legacy mainstream news media just continues to prove President Donald Trump right when he calls them "Fake News"(A term they coined, but was quickly turned against them) and "the enemy of the American people". But, at the same time, it's because we, the people, have allowed the news media to behave in such a irresponsible manner.

Recently, several hundred US newspapers published roughly the exact same editorial criticizing President Trump's continued attacks on the legacy news media, including my local newspapers, the Houma Courier and the Houma-Thibodaux Times a week later. Although, with the Times being a weekly paper published every Wednesday, it made their editorial a little more nuanced than some of the others, saying that while Trump's quarrel with the media is more with national news outlets like CNN and the New York Times, the rhetoric against the corporate legacy mainstream news media has trickled down to the local news outlets even if the local news is not owned by a multi-national media conglomerate like CNN(Time Warner), MSNBC(Comcast), ABC(Disney), and Fox News(News Corp) are.

A day after all those editorials, CNN and several other left-leaning news outlets tried to get the judge presiding over the Paul Manafort tax evasion trial to release the names and addresses of the jurors while they were in middle of deliberating the charges against Manafort.

Even though the judge rightfully denied the request(in part because the judge mentioned getting threats against him), I think that the request for the jurors' names and addresses(especially when the jury was not sequestered for the trial) played a bigger factor in getting Manafort convicted on 8 of the 18 charges against him. What CNN did was essentially jury tampering and I honestly think that Manafort could end up getting his conviction overturned on appeal based on that.

Last July, CNN got so butthurt over a tweet President Trump made mocking them(the clip from WrestleMania 23 where he attacked Vince McMahon with the CNN logo covering Vince's head) that they went after a Reddit user who allegedly created the altered gif and threatened to "doxx" the person if they didn't apologize to the network, even going so far as to hold it over their head for the rest of their life.

As I said then, CNN's actions just serve to make it more difficult for the corporate legacy news media to regain the trust of the people(and this isn't just going on in America). Especially when they behave in ways that cause the people to lose trust in CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and even Fox News in the first place. As I've pointed out, polls have shown that only 6% of the American people even trust the news media and that more people trust President Trump to tell the truth more than they do the news media.

When the people think that the President of the United States is more honest and trustworthy than the corporate legacy news media, that is not Donald Trump's fault, that's the legacy media's fault. And to a lesser extent, it's also ours.

Why do we perceive the corporate legacy news media as the enemy of the American people? In his book, "Do I Stand Alone?", Jesse Ventura pointed out several reasons why the corporate legacy mainstream news media acts so irresponsibly:

-The news media is obsessed with scandal and how to portray the ugliest sides of humanity. That just reporting on the news hasn't been enough for the news channels and the media conglomerates that own the station, it's about what will get the public's attention especially when they're competing against everyone, including entertainment medium that aren't direct competitors, for that attention.

-The news media is obsessed with conflict. They have to turn every story into a fight, acting like there's only two sides to every issue with no room for nuance.

-The news media chooses character assassination over focusing on issues. After all, they like tearing people down as much as they like building them up, possibly more so. They look for anything in a particular story that will generate the most outrage and ignore everything else including something that contradicts their narrative. They also have double standards about the opinions they push. Ventura used himself as an example since he was still governor of Minnesota at the time "Do I Stand Alone?" was published. If he did anything, the media would find anybody that had a negative view of him to counter him. But anytime someone said something negative about him, the media wouldn't bother to come to him for a chance to respond and counter potentially false statements. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

-The news media sometimes creates the news rather than just reporting on the news. And they'll even create a scandal even if there's none to be had. The media only reports on facts that either fit their narrative or throws gasoline on the fire. Or they'll make the facts fit their narrative by taking someone out of context either completely or partially.

-And the news media operates with little to no accountability for their actions.

I think another main reason why the legacy media has such a negative image with the people is because the mainstream news media always seems to attack everything we like. Whether it was television shows, comic books, movies, music, video games, pro wrestling, and even most contact sports like mixed martial arts and even football(both American football and soccer), the news media always seems to accentuate the negative aspects of everything to make everything look worse than they actually are. Also, it seems like most journalists are nothing more than political activists pretending to be journalists.

And it also doesn't help the legacy news media's case when it always treats a story like it's feeding a pig, constantly feeding that pig until it explodes, then the legacy media turns around and reports on the explosion, all the while acting like they had absolutely nothing to do with that pig exploding the way it did.

As I said two years ago in the weeks before the presidential election, the news media acts the way they do because we have allowed them to act that way for far too long. We have become a tabloid nation that cares more about gossip and scandal than we do about the actual issues. And this has been the case long before Donald Trump even thought about running for President of the United States, We would rather blame the news media for only reporting on gossip and scandal when we're just as responsible for their reporting since we respond more to muckraking and negative headlines that promote fear and hysteria than we do the actual issues and to headlines that show those fears to be unfounded. For example, the panic over the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the late 80's-early 90's, the Satanic panic in the 80's and 90's, the Red Scare in the 50's and 60's, and the pixel panic over fake "violent" video games from the early 90s through today.

We can blame the news media for being biased, but we all have our own personal biases, and we always tend to gravitate towards news that share our own viewpoints to confirm those biases.

The corporate legacy news media acts like any criticism President Trump and the people, whether they actually support Trump or not, have of them is an attack on the entire right of the freedom of the press. However, the freedom of the press is not as infinite as they'd like to think and have us believe. Look at what happened to Gawker when Hulk Hogan sued them for defamation and won. The same thing could very easily happen to CNN or MSNBC even with their billion dollar media conglomerates backing them.

And they don't like the fact that President Trump uses Twitter on a daily basis to tell everyone, not just his own base, everything on his mind. The media always wants to be the middle man and he essentially cuts them out of the deal unless he wants to speak to them directly(and even then, it's usually Fox News he talks to). And the legacy media, especially CNN, wants the people to be passive consumers who allow them to do the thinking(and even the talking) for us.

But, we have the freedom to not watch any news station if we don't like how they report the news. We can and should cancel our newspaper subscriptions and even our cable TV services and just get our news online. Like all capitalist ventures, the media conglomerates are all in it for the money regardless of any costs to our societies at large. When the National Enquirer has more credibility than the New York Times(especially when the latter hires Sarah Jeong, an anti-white racist, and defends that hiring) and TMZ has more credibility than CNN(especially when CNN host Chris Cuomo defends Antifa even when the far-left Communist group attacks journalists and not to mention CNN White House correspondent Jim Ascota's reckless and borderline treasonous behavior), that's not the fault of the National Enquirer or TMZ. It's not even our fault. It's the fault of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and even Fox News for behaving the way they do.

At the end of the day, we, the people, have more power than the legacy media does. If they want people to vote with their wallets against companies they don't like, we can do it to them.